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Cruickshank, Mrs William Beattie, 8a Dean
Cruickshank, Mrs, 6 South Oxford street
Cruickshank, Miss, 16 Glengyle terrace
Cruickshank, Miss, apartments, 6 Melville street
Cruickshanks, C, & Son, upholsterers, cabinet-
makers, and licensed appraisers, 78, 88, and
90 Leith walk ; Telephone, 172 Leith
Cruickshanks, Alex. J. W., 14 Parkside street
Cruickshanks, George {Geo. C. & Son), 7 Crown
Cruickshanks, James {G. C. <fc Son), 25 Dudley
Cruickshanks, James, 5 Comely Bank row
Cruickshanks, James, commercial traveller,
33 Woodburn terrace
Cruikshanks, Geo., builder, 25 Warrender Park
Cruikshanks, Peter {manager for T. A. Scar-
lett), 22 and 23 Market street ; house, 47a
Brunswick street
Cruse & Fils Freres, claret shippers, Bordeaux ;
agents, Robertson & Baxter Limited, 90
Constitution street ; Telephone, 488
CRUTTENDEN, GEO., & SON, cabinet-
makers, upholsterers, carpet warehousemen
and bedding manufacturers, 25 and 29
Lothian road
Cruttenden, James, 207 Bruntsfield place
Cruttenden, John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer,
58 Newington rd. ; ho. 3 W. Newington pi.
Cruttenden, Mrs George, 3 Admiral terrace
Cubie, John, com. traveller, 55 Marchmont
Cubie, Walter G. , cabinetmaker, 5 Buecleuch
Cubie, Annie W., tobacconist, 17 Chapel street ;
house, 15
Cudmore, Thomas, 8 Union street, Leith
Culbard, Robert G., 18 Polwarth crescent
Culbert, Mrs Jessie, 13 Roseneath street
Culbert, Mrs, 3 Myrtle terrace
Cullen, Andrew {G.P.O.), 76 Raeburn place
CuUen, G, Matheson, M.D., B.Sc, 50 Minto
Cullen, Joseph, 4 Lismore crescent ♦
Cullen, Martin, grocer and spirit mercht., 207
Cowgate ; house, 50 Minto street-
Cullen, Mungo, 13 Beechwood terrace
Cullen, Thomas, confectioner and newsagent, 37
Arthur street
Cullen, William, 31 Woodbine terrace
Cullen, William J., K.C., 10 Darnaway st.
Cullen, William J. {G.P.O.), 7 Howard street
Cullen, Mrs Christina, 13 Parkside terrace
Cullen, Mrs, 14 Roseneath place
Cullen, Miss, 46 Murrayfield avenue
CuUey, Mrs, 5 Jesslield terrace
Cumberlege, R. F., B.A., assistant master,
Fettes College
Cummack, James, 37 Lauriston street
Cumming & Duff, S.S.C, 50 George street ;
Telegraph, 'Cumming'; Telephone, 2477
Cumming & Co., spirit merchants, 202 Pleasance
Cumming, T. & Son, portmanteau, brush, basket,
fancy goods warehouse, and show-case makers,
2 Cockburn street; works, 81 High street
Cumming, Alexander G., 171 Dalkeith road
Cumming, A., 24 Roseburn place
Cumming, A., 7 Abbey strand
Cumming, A, G. G., B.Sc, A.M.Inst.C.E.,
consulting engineer, 41 George street
Cumming, A. M., 103 Comiston road
Cumming, A.S., M.D., F.R.C.P.E., 18 Ainslie
Cumming, David {j\r Lagan <f; C), 12 Trinity
Cumming, D., 34 St. Andrew square
Cumming, James, glass merchant and marble
cutter, 43 and 44 Chambers street ; house, 31
Buecleuch place
Cumming, J., F.R.C.P., F.R.C.S.E., 70 Brunts-
field place
Cumming, John, 54 Dundee street
Cumming, John, 56 Home street
Cumming, John A. C, booksellei-, 124 Easter
road, Leith
Cumming, Robert, M.B., Ch.B., 1 Minto street
Cumming, Robert, assistant manager. Com-
mercial Union Assurance Co. Ltd., 10 North
St David street ; house, 99 Craiglea drive
Cummiiig, Robt., S.S.C, N.P. (C. d: Duff), 12
Pentland terrace
Cumming, Robert, engineer, 12 W. Newington
Cumming, Robert Charles, 31 Grange loan
Cumming, Stuart, actuary, 11 Howe street
Cumming, Thomas (C. tfc Son), Vaila, 22 Mor-
tonhall road
Cumming, Thomas, S. S. C. {Pearson, R. tfc F. ),
13 S. Castle street ; house, 9 Kilraaurs road
Cumming, Thomas A., 32 Elm row
Cumming, W. D., hairdresser, 22 St Mary
street ; house, 35/4 Queen's terrace
Cumming, W. 0., solicitor, 14 Murrayfield
Cumming, W. Skeoch, artist, 29 St. Andrew
Cumming, William, 137 Morrison street
Cumming, William, 10 Jameson place
Cumming, William {messenger. National Bank
Limited), 24 Quality street
Cumming, William, painter, 48 Brunswick road
Cumming, Mrs, 276 Morrison street
Cumming, Mrs, 20 Dean terrace
Cumming, Mrs, 9 Braid road
Cumming, Mrs, 14 Murrayfield road
Cumming, Misses, 15 Warrender Park terrace
Cumming, Miss, 32 Howard place
Cumming, Miss, 100 Morningside road
case and paper-box maker, 9 Murano place ;
Telephone, 56 ; ho. 5 Park avenue, Portobello.
^See Adv. index
Cunard Line, agency (office), 31 Hanover street
Andrew street
Cunard Steamship Co. Ltd. , Exchange buildings,
37 Constitution street ; Telegraph, ' Burns,
Leith ' ; Telephone, 575
Cundall, Jas. Tudor {science master, Edinhurgh
Academy), 1 Dean park crescent
Cundell, John Ross, agent, British Linen
Bank, 46 Bernard street ; house, 9 Belgrave
Cvindell, Miss, 1 Dundas street
Cuningham, Thomas, 2 Admiral terrace
Cuninghame, Miss Smith, 11 Regent terrace

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