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Cowan & Co., general carriers and contractors, 14
North Bridge st. and 2 Port Hopetoun ; agents
for North British Railway Co. and London
and Edinburgh Shipping Co. ; receiving offices
at Edinburgh, Leith, and Granton railway
stations, and 10 Bernard street ; Tele-
graph, ' Carriers ' ; Telephones, Edinburgh
34, Leith 442
Cowan & Dalmahoy, W.S., 31 Charlotte square;
Telephone, 297
Cowaa & Oppenheim, clothiers and tailors, 46
Cockburn street
Cowan & Stewart, W.S., 10 Castle st. ; Tele-
phone, 2421
Cowan & Strachan, silk mercers, etc., 15 Princes
street ; Telegraph, ' Cowan Strachan '
Cowan, Alex., & Sons Limited, papermakers,
envelope makers and stationers, 38 West
Register street ; Telegraph, ' Cowan ' ; Tele-
phone, 35
Cowan, Archibald, Mason, & Co., wholesale wine
merchants and agents, 1 "Wellington place,
Cowan, E., & Co., china merchants, 123 and
127a L"ith walk
Cowan, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant,
108 and 110 Bennington road
Cowan, Alex., C.A., 4 Forres street ; house, 12
Church hill
Cowan, A., 1 Dalmeny road, Leith
Cowan, A. Campbell, 18 Couper street
Cowan, Archibald (A. O. Mason & Co., Leith),
50 Albany street
Cowan, David, C. A. and stockbroker {Bell, C,
(t Co.), 22 St Andrew square
Cowan, George, coal agent, 9 Argyle terrace
Cowan, George, S.S.C, 29 Albany st. ; house,
91 Moruingside <lrive
Cowan, George, 35 East Claremont street
Cowan, George, Tornaveen house, 1 Gillsland
Cowan, James {Gillespie & C), 2 Gilmour road
Cowan, James {Jire manager, Caledonian
Insurance Co.), 13 Mayfield road
Cowan, James M., debts recovery and property
agent, 66 Hanover street ; ho. 13 Gladstone
COWAN, JAMES T., printer, lithographer,
and stationer, 96 Lothian road ; house, 94
Cowan, J. Duncan, C. A., 33 Drunimond place
Cowan, John, advocab^ 4 Gloucester place
Cowan, John (Redpath, Brown, & Co.), 6
Salisbury road
Cowan, John, W.S. {0. d: Dalmahoy), 31
Charlotte square ; house, St Roque, Grange
Cowan, John, commercial traveller, 1 Johnston
terrace ; house, 7 Hope Park crescent
Cowan, John, 148 Dundee street
Cowan, John, 11 Gilmour road
Cowan, John Howard Campbell, clerk in holy
orders. 19 Craigmillar park
Cowan, John James, Wester Lea, Murrayfield rd.
Cowan, M'Taggart, 33 Drummond place
Cowan, Maxwell, 10 Coltbriilge terrace
Cowan, Colonel S. H., Blackford Brae, 31 South
Oswald road
Cowan, Samuel, dairyman, Silvermills, 1 Hen-
derson place
Cowan, Thomas, 119 Trinity road
Cowan, Thomas, 10 Henderland road, Murray-
Cowan, Thos., shipowner, 34 Leith walk, Leith ;
Telephone, 255 ; Telegraph, ' Narova '
Cowan, T. F., reporter, 8 Almondbank terrace
Cowan, William, 6 Comely Bank terrace
Cowan, William, W.S. {Cowan & Stewart), 10
Castle street ; house, 50 Albany street
Cowan, William, 47 Braid avenue
Cowan, William, 28 Eyre crescent
Cowan, William, coal agent, 18 Couper street
Cowan, Wm. G., marine engineer, 18 Couper
Cowan, Rev. W. {St Ninian's B.C.), 1 Miller-
field place
Cowan, Mrs Alexander 0., 12 Church hill
Cowan, Mrs R. Cameron, 30 Dick place
Cowan, Mrs, 128 Brunton gardens
Cowan, Mrs, 47 Balgreen road, Murrayfield
Cowan, Mrs, 17 Eyre crescent
Cowan, Mrs, 12 Upper Grove place
Cowan, Mrs, 10 Coltbridge terrace
Cowan, Misses A. & E., apartments, 81 Comely
Bank road
Cowan, Misses, 4 Colville place
Cowan, Misses, 9 Salisbury road
Cowan, Misses, 81 Comely Bank avenue
Cowan, Miss Jane, stationer and tobacconist, 30
Ashley terrace
Cowan, Miss, Elmbank, 19 Whitehouse loan
Cowan, Miss, 2 Windsor street
Cowan, Miss, Dunedin, Murrayfield road
Cowdray, Charles, 6 Elm place, Leith
Cowe, J. T. & Co., plumbers, 50 Torphichen
Cowe, W. & E., skin and bone merchants, 67
Abbey hill
Cow^e, Andrew, plumber and gasfitter, 68 St
Leonard's street ; house, 38 Rankeillor street
Cowe, Andrew John, 57 Lochend road west
Cowe, David, picture frame maker, 11 St Peter's
Cowe, George, bootmaker, 3 Lower Granton
Cowe, George, grocer and wine merchant, 50
Dundas street ; house, 21 Fettes row
Cowe, James, 56 Elm row
Cowe, Jaiues, painter and glazier, 84 Gilmore
Cowe, James T., 5 Torphichen street
Cowe, J. Mackenzie, 52 Haymarket terrace
Cowe, J. T. {M. A. Napier dk Co.), 1 Rosebum
Cowe, John, greengrocer, 6 St Andrew street,
Cowe, John, 3 Ladyfield place
Cowe, John, potato merchant, Bonnington
siding ; house, 3 Summerside street ; Tele-
phone, 289 and 289a Leith
Cowe, M. T., 31 St Andrew square
Cowe, R., 18 Springwell place
Cowe, R. A. , 7 St Vincent street
Cowe, W. A., Civil Service messenger, 101
George street ; house, 1 9 Bruntsfield avenue
Cowe, W. G., 11 Rodney street
Cowe, Mrs B., 7 St Vincent street
Cowie & Dickson, analytical chemists, 26 Clyde

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