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Bruce, Geo. G., 34 Albany st. North Leith
Bruce, George, ( Thotnson, Elder, and B.,
W.S.) 2 Glen6nlas street
Bruce, Geo. corn merchant, 6 Baltic at.
Bruce, George, 48 Dean street
Bruce, Henry, 7 Findhorn place
Bruce, Hugh, advocate, 10 jMoray place
Bruce, James, 24 Queen street
Bruce, James, 34 Barony street
Bruce, James, 14 Hart street
Bruce, Rev. John, D.D. 24 Saxe-Coburg pi.
Bruce, John, W.S., 39 Great King street
Bruce, John, 31 Royal terrace
Bruce, John, Shotts foundry, Orchardfield
Bruce, John, coach builder, 1 Haugh street
Bruce, Peter, St Bernard's cottage
Bruce, Robt. bricklayer and furnace builder,
Hope cresc brick and tile work. Bridge-
house, Bathgate — house, 23 Union place
Bruce, Robt. bedding, basket, brush, & fancy
wareho. 14 St Patrick sq — ho. 13 Brown st.
Bruce, Robert, M.D. 29 Vork place
Bruce, Rev. Wm. 43 Gilraore place
Bruce, William, M.D., R.N. 7 Howard pi.
Bruce, William, leather merchant, 5 Union
Bruce, Mrs John, 2 William street
Bruce, Mrs Rob. Glasgow temperance hotel
and lodgings, 35 Leith street
Bruce, 3Irs William, 29 York place
Bruce, Mrs, 1 James' place, Leith
Bruce, Jlrs, 2 Glenfinlas street
Bruce, Mrs, sen. of Symbister, 25 Hadding-
ton place
Bruce, Mrs, superintendent, lock hospital,
Royal Infirmary
Bruce, Mrs, temperance coffee-house and
lodgings, 7 Milne square
Bruce, Miss, 31 Ann street
Bruce, Miss, 15 Brunswick street. Hillside
Bruce, Miss, 10 Moray place
Bruce, Misses, dressmakers, 69 Broughton
Bruce, Misses, 16 Scotland street
Brunton, Adam, 27 Howe street
Brunton, Alex, cooper, 43 Abbey hill
Brunton, James, W.S., 27 George sq.
Brunton, James, tailor, 7 Druramond street
Brunton, J. tailor and clothier, 95 Princes st.
— house, Albert terrace
Brunton, Mrs, 17 London street
Brunton, Mrs, 27 George square
Bryce, A. H. 13 Salisbury road
Bryce, Alex, cabinetmaker, 125 High street —
ho. 6 West Richmond street
Bryce, Andrew, plumber, 6 So. Melville pi —
house, 8 Great Stuart street
Bryce, David, architect, 131 George street
Bryce, David, junior, architect, 26 Elder st.
Bryce, James, gunmaker and rifle manufac-
turer, 36 West Register street — house, 28
East Preston street
Bryce, Rev. James, D.D. 9 Hope terrace
Bryce, John, wine merchant, 63 Princes street
— house, 1 Cambridge street
Bryce, John, wholesale and retail wine and
spirit merchant, 44 Hanover street
Bryce, Robert, 18 Lothian street
Bryce, Thomas, gun and pistol maker, 15
Drummond street
Bryce, AVilliam M. synod officer. Established
Church, 129 Rose street
Bryce, Mrs W. 62 Cumberland street
Bryce, Mrs William, 3 Saxe-Coburg place
Bryce, Mrs, 23 Walker street
Bryce, Llisses J. and A. milliners and dress-
makers, 160 Rose street
Bryceson, Miss, 3 Lord Russell place
Bryden, G. & A. merchants, 281 Canongate—
house, 19 St John street
Bryden, J. & A. builders, cottage, Summerhall
Bryden, James, Talbot pi. E. Preston st.
Bryden, James (G'.P.-O.), 15 .St James sq.
Bryden, James, smith and ironmonger, 55
Causey side — house, 17 Canning place
Bryden, John, & Sons, bell-hangers, Venetian
and spring- roller blind makers, 16 Frede-
rick street, and 112 Buchanan st, Glasgow
Bryden, J. M. (J. B. and Sons), 23 Fettes row
Bryden, John ( W. B. and Son), I Howe st.
Bryden, Wm. & Son, bell-hangers, Venetian
and roller blind manufacturers, 55 George
street and 7 Royal bank place, Glasgow
Bryden, Mrs, gardener, Morayfield, Leith
Bryden, Mrs Wm. 1 Howe street
Brydon, J. & Co. paper, rag, cotton- waste,
and metal merchants, 196 Canongate
Brydon, James, jun. flesher, 36 Kirkgate
Brydone, J. and Sons, printers, engravers,
lithographers, publishers, and booksellers —
Railway Directory and Scottish Adcertistr
ofBce, 12 Elder street
Brydone, J. & Sons, jewellers, artistes in hair,
and clan tartan-work Avarehouse, by special
appointment, to the Empress of the French,
29 Princes street — ho. lOO Lauriston place
Brydone, James {J. B. ^- Sons), 27 Dundas
Brydone, John (J". B. &; Sons), 100 Lauriston
Brydone, Robert {J. B. ^' Som), 39 Dublin .
Bry son, Alex., Her Majesty's clock maker
for Scotland, Hawkshill house, Leith
Bryson, James, optician, GO Princes street —
house, 7 Trinity crescent
Bryson, James, Scottish Union Insurance in-
spector, 47 George street
Bryson, John, watch and clock maker, 20
George IV. bridge
Bryson, Rob. and Sons, chronometer, watch
and clock makers in ordinary to the Queen,
66 Princes street
Bryson, R. {R. B. and Sons), 13 Bruntsfield

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