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Kelly, Ales, lodgings, 2 St John street, Can.
Kelly, And. pocket-book maker, 52 West
Register street
Kelly, James, Tanfield nursery
Kelly, John, locksmith, 4. Princes street —
house, Canal street
Kelly, Peter, lodgings, 6 Howe street
Kelly, Mrs, lodgings, 9 Hope street
Kelly, Mrs, midw. & ladies' nurse, 23 Howe st.
Keltie, Miss, 10 St Ann's yards
Kemmie, Jacob, Granton brick and tile work
Kemp & Co. chemicaland philosophical instru-
ment makers, 12 & 13 Infirmary street — ho.
10 Argyle square
Kemp, Francis, janitor. Circus place school,
2 Royal circus
Kemp, George, clerk, 17 Cannon street, Leith
Kemp, J. & R.coalmerchts. 14 Port- Hamilton
Kemp, James, baker, 42 Jamaica street
Kemp, John, chimney-sweeper, 6 Rose street
Kemp, Robert, letter-carrier, 7 Calton hill
Kemp, Robt. co'al merchant, 5 Newport street
Kemp, Wm. confectioner, 12 North bridge,
and 37 Nicolson street
Kemp, W. S., A.B. classical teacher, Leith
High School
Kemp, William, victual dealer, 13 Tobago st.
Kemp, William, tailor, 75 Giles street
Kemp, Mrs Alexander, 10 Argyle square
Kemp, Mrs Robert, 27 Montagu street
Kemp, Mrs Simon, 67 Cumberland street
Kemp, Mrs, sick-nurse, 37 William street
Kenmore, John, 4 Bank street
Kenmore, William F. 1 Sylvan place
Kennedy, Alex, officer of Excise, 89 Abbey hill
Kennedy, Angus, 26 Cumberland street
Kennedy, Donald, wine and spirit merchant,
6 East Register street
Kennedy, Rev. Eben. 1 Madeira st. Leith
Kennedy, Fred, hop and seed agent, 51
Princes st. — house, 38 Cumberland st.
Kennedy, Hugh, W.S. 23 Broughton place
Kennedy, James, tailor, 2J Thistle street
Kennedy, J. ironm. &gasfitter, SWemyss pi.
Kennedy, Jno. manager, Broughton foundry,
3 Anderson's court
Kennedy, J. & J., W.S. 71 Great King street
Kennedy, John, jun. W.S. 71 Great King st.
Kennedy, Lachlan, 1 Greeneide lane
Kennedy, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 I
St James' place
Kennedy, Robt. sp. dealer, 439 Lawnmarket j
— house, 459
Kennedy, Thomas, artist, 30 Rutland square
Kennedy, Thomas, Wardie hotel, Granton
Kennedy, Wm. ship hotel (successor to Fer- \
gusson), East Register street
Kennedy, Wm., W.S. 59 Northumberland st. 1
Kennedy, W. P. bookseller, &c. 15 South St
Andrew street — bouse, 7 London street
Kennedy, Mrs (of Romnnno), 71 York place !
Kennedy, Mrs, straw-hat maker, 34 West j
Kennedy, Miss, Helen cottage, Canaan
Kennington& Jenner,silk mercers and drapers,
47 and 48 Princes st. and 4, 6, 8, and 10 St
David street
Ken ward, W. music-teacher, 1 St Vincent st.
Ker, Robt. D. corn merchant, 24. St Patrick sq.
Ker, Robert, spirit dealer, 38 Potterrow
Ker, Thomas, St Leonard's house
Ker, Mrs, 26 Ann 6treet
Ker, Mrs, Nelson's Monument, Calton hill
Ker, Miss M. A. 18 Upper Gray street
Ker, Miss, Greenhill gardens
Ker's laboratory, 16 Leith street
Kermack, John, W.S. 20 Broughton place
Kermack, John and W. R., W.S. 20 Brough-
ton place
Kermack, W. R., "W.S. 20 Broughton place
Kermack, Miss, 3 Lynedoch place
Kerr & Son, tailors and clothiers, 150 High st.
Kerr, Alexander, grocer, 2 Dundas street
Kerr, Andrew, clerk (office of R. M. Works),
138 Nicolson street
Kerr, Andrew A. (Royal Bank) , 8 Duke street
Kerr, And. grocer and 6pir. deal. 10 Cowgate
Kerr, Archibald, tailor, 17 West Register st.
Kerr, Chas. M. winemer. 9 Bernard st. Leith
— house, 11 Dean terrace, Edinburgh
Kerr, Chas. Jas. sec. Edin. fy Glasgow Bank,
45 Albany street
Kerr, Daniel, surgeon, 48 Northumberland st.
Kerr, Geo. grocer and tea dealer, 4S Brough-
ton street— house, 26 St James 1 square
Kerr, Lieut. George C, R.N. 1 Henderson row
Kerr, HeDry, com. agent, 53 Albany street
Kerr, H. N. J. 40 Inverleith row
Kerr, James, provision merchant, 27 Bridge st.
Kerr, James, grocer, 15 Poplar lane
Kerr, James, 3 Grove place
Kerr, James, grocer, 89 Nicolson street
Kerr, James, missionary, 10 Cumberland st.
Kerr, James, Lieutenant, R.N. Hope cottage
Kerr, Jas. tea & coffee mercht. 21 Richm. pi.
Kerr, Jas. bookseller & circulating library,
32 Nicolson street
Kerr, James, hosier, 91 Nicolson street
Kerr, James, lath-splitter, Low Broughton
Kerr, James, spirit dealer, 197 Canongate
Kerr, John, 17 Norton place
Kerr, John B. umbrella manuf. 19 Tolbooth
wynd — house, 14S Kirkgate
Kerr, John, grocer, 37 North Richmond street
Kerr, John, grocer, 146 Cowgate
Kerr, Jonathan D. cupper to the Queen, 57
York place
Kerr, Robt. M. A. classical teacher,3 Lothian st.
Kerr, Robert (Com. Bank), 53 Albany street
Kerr, R. & Son, tailors & clothiers, 1 Elder st.
Kerr, Robt. wine mercht. & grocer, 5 and 6
Richmond lane
Kerr, Robt. spirit merchant, 17 Charlotte pi.
Kerr, Robert, baker, 16 Hill place— house, 7
Hill square
Kerr, Robert, victual dealer, 12 Jamaica st.

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