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.Wood, Andrew surgeon, 9. south Hanover street
\\'ood, Andrew nnisical instrument maker» 8. Leith
Wood, George surgeon, 16. George street, north side
-Wood, James furnished lodgings, foot west Bow-
Wood, John esq. of the Excise, 92. Prince street
^\'ood, John esq. solicitor, 10. south Charlotte street
Wood, Thomas surgeon, I'iccardy place
Wood, ^\illiam surgeon, Dundas' street
Wood, Mrs 11. Leith street
^^'oo^.', Mrs 5. Buccleuch street
\\ ooJ, Mrs Cowgate head
Wood, Miss 45. Queen street
Woods, Miss 2. Broughton place
AN'oodburn, William wright, Murdoch' close, High st,
Woodhouselee, Lord 65. Prince street , ,
^\'oolford, J. landscape-painter, 1. Dubhn street
N\crcs\vorth, Samuel repository for the sale of horse?,
&c. Nottingham place
Wotherspoon, Miss 10, Buccleuch place
Wright, Alex, seed and nurseryman, 16. south Union
place, — house, 1. Antigua street
Wright, David baker, 6. west Chapel street
Wright, David tailor, Craig' close
Wright, Francis spirit-dealer, Netherbow
Wright, James esq. W. S. 7. south Uuiou place
Wright, James pewterer. West bow
Wright, Janus cartwright. Castle wynd
Wtight, John writer, Mealmarket stairs
Wright, John esq. advocate, new Assembly close
Wright, John builder, 29. west Thistle street
Wricrht, John gardener, Watergate
Wright, John clothier, High street
A\ light, John grocer, opposite the Canongate churcti

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