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MAC— MAC 149
M'Kenzic, Major Roderick Rcid' court, Canon-
M'Kenzie, Robert shoemaker, 46- mid Rose street
M'Kenzic, Sutherland merchant, — 'louse 6S. Prince
M'Kenzie, Wm. esq. W. S. 63. Piince street
M'Kenzie, Wm. supervisor, 7- cast Ric'mond street
M'Kenzie, Wni. wntiiig master, Carrubber* close
M'Kenzie, Wm. furnished lodgings, 13. Charles*
M'Kenzie, Wm. jeweller. Anchor close, — -house Dick-
son' close
M'Kenzie, Lady 82. Prince street
M'Kenzie, Lady Jane Union place
M'Kenzie, Mrs Alexander G3. Prince street
M'Kenzie, Mrs 51. ditto
M'Kenzie, Mrs 4?. Buccleuch place
M'Kenzie, Mrs C. 33. George street, north side
M'Kenzie, Mrs of Strathgarvie, 1. east James'
M'Kenzie, Airs poulterer, east Register street
M'Kenzie, Mrs Capt. 32. south Castle street
M'Kenzie, Mrs furnished lodgings, 99. Nicolsorj
M'Kenzie, Mrs ditto, foot of West bow
M'Kenzie, Mrs ditto, iVIiddleton' entry
M'Kenzie, -.Its ditto, 7. south Riclimond street
M'Kenzie, Miss 2. Buccleuch street
M'Kenzie, Miss corset-maker, 9. high Terrace
M'Kenzie, Miss 3. north \t Andrew street
M'K^y, J. tailor, 3. east Richmond street
M'Kiniiiy, J. and A h:\berdasher3, 3. South bridge,--^
house 2. i31air street
M'Kinlay, James raason, Calton
1808. N 3

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