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Bruce, William banker, St John hill
Bruce, William merchant. 1. north Union place
Bruce, Williana shoemaker, Luckenbooths
Bruce, William senior and Co. auctioneers, stamp of-
fice close, and 37. Nortk bridge
Bruce, William junior auctioneer, 37. North bridge
— house foot of Carrubber close
Brucc", Mrs of Powfoulis, 13. north Castle street
Bruce, Mrs of Tillycoultry, 9. St Patrick square
Bruce, Mrs of Arnot, 28. George street, south sidt;
Bruce, Mrs World end close
Bruce, Mrs 42. Prince street
Bruce, Miss of Kennet, Young street. New towa
Bruce, fvliss 26. north Hanover street
Bruce, Miss of Kinnaird, 96- "Prince street
Brumby, Thomas paper warehouse, Niddry etreet-r-
house 17. Rose street
BryCe» James pacj. aavQ^nn, lO. fit Ai.Urpvv 0/in-Jvo
Bryce, James painter, 3. St David street
Bryce, William mason, 3. north Richmond street
Bryce, Thomas and Company booksellers, Infirmary
Bryce, Miss 1. north St Andrew street
Bryceson, William working goldsmith and jeweller,
opposite Archeis hall
Bryden, James hairdresser, middle of West bow
Bryden, John bell-hanger, Cowan's close, Cvosscause-
Bryden, Rt-bcrt spirit-dealer, east Richmond street
Bryden, Willram painter and glazier, 27. Rose street
Bryden, Mrs head of Lawnmarket
Bryson, George piano forte maker, Castkhill
Bryson, John music-seller, Cross
- Bryson, William teacher of dancing, Wrightshouscs

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