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. ang Xyj'thout a tongue, and its notet
are underftood by people of all nations
A. It is a fart, which‘eyery body
knows to be but wind.
Q. What is the reafpn that young
people are vain, giddy-headed and ai¬
ry, and not fo humble as in former
times ?
A. Becaufe they are brought up and
educated after a more haughty drain,
by reading fables, plays and. roman¬
ces, gofpel books, fuch as the pfalm
book, proverbs and catechifms are
like old almanacks: Nothing is now
in vogue, but fiddle, flute, fpry and
Eabylonilh tunes,; our plain Englilh
fpeech corrupted with beauilh cants,
don’t, won’t, nen, and ken, a jargon
worth than the Yorkfhire dialect.
Why is fwearing become o
common amongft the Scots people ?
A. Becaufe fo many lofty teachers
come from the fouth among its, where
fwearing is practifed in its true gram¬
matical perfedtion, hot oaths, new
firuck off, with as bright a luftre as a.
new quarter guinea.
Q How will you know the bases

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