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A Letter from Mr. Christopher Love to his
Wife, in Anfwer to two Letteis ho had recei ved
My nioft gracious beloved,
I’m now going from a prifon to a palace, I have finifhed
my work, I’m now going to receive my wages, I’m go¬
ing to heaven, where are two of my children, and leaving
you on earth, where there are three of my babes : Theie
two above need not my care, but the three below need
yours; it comforts me to think, two of my children are in
thebofom of Abraham, and three of them will be in the
arms and care of fuch a tender and godly mother. I know
you are a woman of a forrowful fpirit, yet be comforted,
though your forrows be great for your hufband going out
of the world, yet your pains ihall be the lefs in bringing
your child into the world, you fhall be a joyful mother,
though you be a fad widow ; God hath many mercies in
Here for you ; the prayer of a dying hufband for you will
not be loft: To my fliame I fpeak it. I never prayed for
you at liberty, as I have done in prifbn. 1 cannot write
much, but I have a few prafiical counfels to leave with
you, viz.
iff, Keep under a found, orthodox, foul-fearching mini-
flry. Oh! there are many deceivers gone out into the world,
but Chrilt’s flieep know his voice, and a ftranger they will
not follow. Attend any minilfer that teacheth the way of
God in .truth, and follow Solomon’s advice, Prov xix. 27.
adly, Bring up your children in the knowledge and ad¬
monition of the Lord. The mother ought to be a teacher
in the father’s abfence, Pror. xxxi. 1. ‘ The words that
‘ his mother taught him.’ And Timothy was initru&ed
by his grandmother, 1 Tim. i. y.
jdly, Pray in your famiiv daily, that yours may be in
the number of the families who call upon God.
4thly, Labour for a meek and quiet fpirit, which, in the
fight of God, is of great price, 1 Pet iii 4.
ythly, Pore not on the comforts you want, but upon the
mercies you have, look rather at God’s end in affli&ing,
than to the meafure and degree of your affliftion.
6thly, _.abour to clear»up your evidence for heaven,
when God takes from you the comforts of earth, fo that as
your fufferings do abound, your confolation in Chrilt may
abound much more, 2 Cor. i. f.
Though it be good to mamtarfi a holyjealoufy of the de-
ceitfulnefs of the heart, yet it is ill for you to cherilh fears

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