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The Wonderful Pteditthns of
A fccond Letter of Mrs. Love to her Hufband.
My Heavenly Dear,
ICall thee fo, becauie God hath put heaven into thee, be¬
fore he hath taken thee to heaven; thou now bebolddt
God, and Chrift, and glory, as in a glafs ; but to-morrow
heaven’s gates ftiali be opened, and thou flialt be in the full
enjoyment of that glory, which eye hath not feen, nor the
ear heard, nor the heart of man can conceive. God hath
now fwallowed up thy thoughts with the'joys of heaven,
bat ere long thou (halt be fully fwallowed up in the enjoy¬
ment of heaven. 0 marvel not there (hould be fuch a quiet-
nefs and calmnefs in thy fpirit, whillt thou art falling into
this tempelluous dorm, becaufe thou perceived, by the eye
of faith, a haven of red, where thou (halt be with Chrid the
glory of heaven. O lift up thy head with joy, when thou
Jayed it upon the block, in the thoughts of this, that thou
art laying thy head to red in thy Saviour’s bofom; which,
when thou ihalt awake, dull be crowned, not with an earthy
ly crpwn that fadeth away, but with an heavenly crown of
glory. O be not difeouraged, when thou (halt lee a guard
of foldiers triumphing with their trumpets about thee ; but
lift up thy head, and thou Ihalt behold God with a guard
of angels, his holy angels, triumphing for the receiving thee
into glory. O ! be not difeouraged at the feoffs and re-
proaches:thou niayelt meet with in thy fhert way to hea¬
ven ; for be affured, that God will not only glorify thy foul
and body in heaven, but he will as fure make thy memory
glorious upon earth. Oh ! let not one troubled thought for
thy wife and babes arife within thee, thy God will be our
God and portion, he will be a hufband to thy widow, and
a father to thy children ; the grace of thy God will be fuf-
ficient for us. Now, my dear, 1 defire willingly and freely
to refign up my right of thee to my Father, and thy Fa¬
ther, who hath the greateff part and interell in thee. Tho’
men have feparated us for a time, yet our merciful God
will bring us together again, where we ihall eternally enjoy
one another, never to feparate more ; and let me hear how
God bears up thy heart, and let me tafte of the comforts
that fupport thee, that they may be as pillars of marble to
bear up my heart. I can write no more.
Farewel, Farewel, My Dear, til) we fhall meet where
we fhall bid farewel no more; till which time, I leave thee
in the. hands of a tender-hearted Father, and do the heft
till I Ihall reft with thee in heaven.
A letter

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