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“Come under my P/aidy.
Come urder my p^aidy. tbe nkdht’s yaun to fa’;
Come in frae the cauld blaft the drift, and the fnaw y
(.’ome under my plaidy, a' d lie down befide me,
There’s room in’t, dear iailie, believe me, tor twa.
Come under my pla’dy, and lie down befide me.
I’ll hap you frae ev’ry cauld blalt that will blaw 5
0 come under mv plaidy, and lie down befide me.
There’s room in't, dear laffie ! believe me, for twa.
Gae ’wa wi’ your plaidy ! auld Donald, gae ’wa !
1 fear na’ the cauld blail, tbe drift. n: r tbe fna’j
Gae ’wa wi’ your plaidy, I’ll no lie befide ye
Ye might be nay gutchard ; auld Donald, gae ’wa !
I’m gaun to meet Johnny, he’s young and he’s bonny j
He’s been at Meg’s bridal fou trig and tou bra !
O there’s nane dance fae lightly, fae gracefu’ fae rightly,
His cheeks are like rofes, his brow’s like the fna’.
Dear Marion, let that flee flick fall to the wa’;
Your Jock’s but a gowk, and has naething ava’j
The hale o’ his pack he has now on his back :
He’s thretty, and i’m but threefcore and twa!
Be frank now and kindly j I’ll bufk you ay finely ;
r' t kirk or at market they’ll nane gang fae bra’ j
A bein houfe to bide in, a chaife for to ride in,
And flunkies to 'tend ye as fait as ye ca’.
Mv father av tell’d me. my mither and a’,
Ye d niak a gude huiband, and keep me ay bra ;
It’s true ' loe Johnny he’s gude and he s bonny,
iiut waes me ! I ken he has naething ava !

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