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'* I hae little tocher ; ye’ve made a gude offer
* I’m now mail- than twenty ; my time is but fma’ !
* Sae gie me your plaidy ; l’!l creep in befide ye,
‘ I thought ye’d been auider than threefcore and twa 1’
She crap in ayont him, befide the ftane wa’,
Whare fohnny was lift’ning, and heard her tell a’
The day was appointed, his proud heart it dunted,
And liruck ’gainff his fide as if burfting in twa.
He wander'd hame weary, the night it was dreary,
And thowiefs, he tint his gate deep ’mang the fna’ j
The howlet was fcreaming, while Johnny cried ‘ Women
‘ Wad marry the devil, wad he keep them bra’.
O the deil’s in the laffes, fae fond to gang bra’,
They’ll lie down wi’ aTd men o’ fourfcore and twa j
The hale o’ this marriage is gowd in-a carriage !
Plain luve is the cauldeft blait now that can bia’ !
Yet, dotards, be wary, tak’ tent wha ye marry ;
Young wives jn their coaches will whip and will ea’;
rJ ill they meet wi’ fome Johnny, that’s youthfu’ and bonny,
And he’il gie )e horns on ilk haffit to claw !
Crazy Jane.
Why, fairma'd, in ev’ry feature,
Are fuch figns of fear e.vprefs’d ?
Can a wand’ring wretched creature
\\ ith fuch terror fill thy bread ?
Do my frenzi’d look* alarm thee r*
Trull me, fweet, thy fears are vain ',
Not for kingdoms would 1 harm thee.}
Shun noc then poor crazy Jane.

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