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Officers— contd.
Surgeon {Reserve)
Temporary Surgeon
Surgeon, R.N.V.R.
Sub- Lieutenant ...
HigM Sub-Lieutenant
Sub- Lieutenant, R.N.1{.
Tempy, Sub-Lieutenant, S.N.R
Sub- Lieutenant, R.N. V.R.
Alan M. Austin (act.) Oct 14
Sydney W. Finch Sept 14
George B. Owens Not 14
William G. Stainer Nov 14
G-uBtavus W. M. Custance Oct 14
Hugh J. Hopps SepS 14
Vernon L. Matthews Jan 15
William Mearns, MB Jen 15
William Miller Not 14
Frederick W. Quirk May 15
Francis C. Searle, MB Not 14
Thomas L. G. Stewart June 15
Albert J. Tonkihson, MB Not 14
Fernand L J. M. de Verteuil, MB. ... Not 14
David R. Bedell-Sivright Sept 15
Frederick J. Humph rys Sept 15
Frederick H. Bees, MB June 15
James H. Digby Watson Oct 14
Robert T. Brotchie Not 14
Septimus Hibbert.. Jan 15
Alfred E. Turr.bull, MB Sept 14
John G. Barrow (act.) Oct 14
Keith M. G. Campbell Jan 15
Hanway Cooper ... Not 14
Francis J. A. Cotter (act.) Nov 14
John M. T. de Burgh (act.) Sept 15
Edward L. Gunner Not 14
Philip J. L. Skinner Jan 15
Geoffrey W. Stopford-Sackville May 15
Thomas E. Lane ■ ... Mar 15
Robert New Digging (act.) May 15
William B. Sinclair (act.) May 15
James M. Alexander Sept 15
Harold J. Batchelor May 15
Gerald W. Hilliard Sept 15
M;u lie Keith-Johnston Sept 15
Reginald Lord Aug 15
John Mac Larty Ang 15
Thomas Spencer Feb 15
Reginald A. J. Warneford, Ftff ... June 15
Preston A. Watson ... June 15
Arthur Burlinson Feb 15
John McD. Cooper (act.) Jan 15
Wellington T. Dale (act.) ..- ... May 15
Ernest G. Fryer (act.) ... June 15
Jeffreys I. Jones-Parry Apr 15
Herbert F. C. Shinnie (act.) Jan 15
Charles E. Sims (act.) Mar 15
William Waddell July 15
Alexander C. Davison Mar 15
Andrew F. Dickson Aug 15
RoyN. C.Hodge Jan 15
Osmond E. Miles Jan 15
Frederick S. Monks Jan 15
Jacob C. Roe May 15
John H. Walsingham May 15
George N. Watkins Jan 15
. The Farl of Annesley Nov 14
Francis Baker June 15
Wilfred Bolton June 15
James H. Bookless May 15
William D. Browne June 15
William G. M. Callender June 15
Lancelot A. Cherry May 15
Ernest A. Clifford June 15
Thomas M. Crowe June 15
John W. Edwards Juie 15

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