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Officers — contd.
Gaviain, H.M.
Captain, H.M. A.
Captain. R.M (Reiser re)
Captain, H.M. (Res.) Tempg. Mai.
Lieutenant, R.M
Chaplain „,
â– Siaf .Surgeon
FLeci Paymaster\...
Staf Paymaster ...
Charles G. Billing June 15
Reginald E. G. Burton Apr 15
Edward B. Carpenter Aug 15
Clifford Field Sept 14
Edward A. S. Hat ton May 15
Geoffrey M. I. Herford Nov 14
Herbert C. Morton Nov 14
Cecil B. H. Morton May 15
Cliarles W. S. Paine July 15
Charles B. Partridge Nov 14
Walter H. P. Richards May 15
Anthony F. Wilding May 15
Henry J. Pace Aug 15
Christopher B. Andrews May 15
John C." Deed Jan 15
John C. J. Teague May 15
Godfrey Barker May 15
Henry C. Amos July 15
Jack C. Barnes May 15
Cecil J. T. Black (act.) May 15
Morris Curtin May 15
Eric B. C. Dougherty July 15
Richard W. H. M. Empson May 15
Richard C. G.Foote Oct 14
Charles S. Grinliug (act.) May 15
George H. V. Hathorn Jan 15
Bernard H. Herford (temp.) May 15
Kenneth A. L. Higgins (act.) May 15
John E. Hyland May 15
Stanley C. Knight (act.) July 15
flon. Cliarles A. Lister Aug 15
Henry J. Lock Nov 14
John F. May Apr 15
James F. Moxham Maj' 15
Arthur M. Oakden May 15
Hamilton J. Robb ... Nov 14
William H. Sanders May 15
James F. Sutcliffe July 15
John S. S. Thornely July 15
Robert O. Tollast May 15
Harold S. Walker Nov 14
Charles White June 15
Stanton D. Wilmot-Sitweli July 15
Rev. George H. Hewetson Nov 14
Rev. Ivor M. Lewis May 15
Ree. Arthur H. J. Pitt Nov 14
Rev. G. Brooke Robinson Jan 15
Rev. Edward G. U. Robson, ma (act.) Sept 14
Adrieu A. Forrester, MB Apr 15
Prii-cival K. Nix, MB, ba Nov 14
Godfrey Taylor, mb, ba ...; Jan 15
James J. Walsh, mb Nov 14
George A. Waters, md May 15
W. Graham Moore- Anderson, mb, ba Feb 15
George C. C. Ross ... Oct 14
Henry Woods, MB Nov 14
Arthur R. G. Beal May 15
•iohn Cooper Nov 14
Percy J. Ling Jan 15
Philip W. Roome Sept 14
Alfred H. Veitch Nov 14
Henry de C. Ward Sept 14
Joseph T. Gedge Aug 14

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