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War Services of the General Officers.
attack on Bergen-op-Zoom, the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo, and the capture of Paris.
He served 40 years in the Coldstream Guards, and commanded the regiment upwards of six years.
He has received the War Medal with two Clasps for Talavera and Busaco.
138 Major-General Lewis served in Sir Richard Strachan’s action, 4th Nov. 1805. Com¬
manded a battalion of Marines in the American war, including the action at Bladensburg, attack
on Baltimore, and various skirmishes in the Chesapeak.
139 Major-General Lawrence, prior to entering the Royal Marines, served four years and a
half as Midshipman in the Royal Navy. In 1793 he served at Toulon; landed at Fort La Malgue
and Fort Mulgrave during the siege. In 1798, at the capture of a French squadron of three
frigates and two brigs off Toulon. In 1805, battle of Trafalgar; the ship in which he served,
the Colossus, lost 200 in killed and wounded. In 1810, at Cadiz during the blockade, was the
senior captain of the expedition against Malaga. In 1814 and 15, served off New York on the
American coast, until hostilities finally ceased.
140 Major-General Jones was at the defeat of the French fleet by Lord Howe, 1st June 1794;
and by Lord Bridport, 23 June 1795. On board La Bevolutionaire when she captured the
Unite, 12th April 1798. Wrecked off Brest in 1804, and detained a prisoner of war until 1814.
141 Major-GeneralConnollyservedinLord Bridport’saction,23d June 1795. In 1796 served
in the Mediterranean, including the evacuation of Bastia, capture of Porto Ferrajo, and destruc¬
tion of Martello Tower in St. Fiorenzo Bay. On board II. M. S. Excellent in the battle off
Cape St. Vincent, 14th Feb. 1797. Capture of Admiral Perrie’s squadron off Toulon in 1798,
consisting of three frigates and two brigs. On board the Hannibal, in the battle of Algesiras,
6th July 1801, wounded and taken prisoner. On board II M. S. Penelope, in the action off
Flushing and Ostend, under Sir Sydney Smith, 16th May 1804. Present at the siege of Copen¬
hagen, and capture of Danish fleet in 1807, and at Nyebourgh in 1808. In 1812, on board
H.M.S. Hamadryad, when attacked by French privateers; debarked with detachments at Sche-
veling, and took possession of the Hague in 1814. During the above periods he has been very
frequently engaged with the enemy in affairs of gun-boats and batteries, &c. &c. He has re¬
ceived a reward from the Patriotic Fund.
142 Major-General Shawe served the campaigns of 1810, 1811, and part of 1812, in the Pen¬
insula, including the battle of Busaco. Served also in Holland and Belgium from Nov. 1813 to
Sept. 1814, and was severely wounded at Bergen-op-Zoom. He has received the War Medal
with two Clasps.
143 Major-General Beatty’s services: landed at the attack of Santa Cruz, Teneriffe, when Lord
Nelson lost his arm; battle of the Nile; siege of St. Jean d’Acre (wounded); was favourably
mentioned in Sir Sidney Smith’s despatch. In 1803 he was at the capture of the Harmonie
privateer, and the surprise and destruction of Fort Dunkirk, Martinique. The publication of
the despatches connected with these events, in which he was most favourably mentioned, pro¬
cured him a patriotic sword of the value of 501. Captain of Marines in the Courayeux, at the
capture of the Marengo and Belle Poule in March 1805; and in the Donegal, Capt. P. Malcolm,
when the small squadron under his command attacked two French frigates under the batteries
of La Hogue, near Cape Barfleur, 10th November 1810. He has been engaged in other affairs
of minor importance, and was selected for the duty of accompanying Sir G. Cockburn with
Napoleon in the Northumberland to St. Helena.

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