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30 War Services of the General Officers.
106 Major-General the Honourable Henry B. Lygon served in the Peninsula, from March
1809 to Sept. 1810, and again from Feb. 1814 to the end of that war, including the capture
of Oporto, battle of Talavera, and passage of the Coa. Severely wounded in the neck, 28th
Aug. 1810, in Massena's advance to the battle of Busaco.
107 Rlajor-General the Honourable Edward P. Lygon served in the Peninsula, from Nov.
1812 to the end of that war in 1814, including the battle of Vittoria. Served also the cam¬
paign of 1815, and was present at the battle of Waterloo.
108 Sir John Ueo. Woodford served in the Peninsula as an Assistant-Quarter-INIaster-
General, and has received a cross for the battles of Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, and Toulouse.
Served also the campaign of 1815, including the battle of Waterloo.
109 Major-General Hamerton served on the Continent under the Duke of York, in 1794.
Embarked for the West Indies, in 1795, and was at the capture of St. Lucia the following
year. Served in Egypt, in 1801. Commanded the 44thregiment at the battle of Waterloo,
and was wounded.
110 Sir David Ximenes served in Sicily, Egypt, twice in North America, Bermuda,
Ceylon, and India. Was present at the taking of the Islands of Ischia and Procida, in 1809.
Commanded the C2nd at the attack and capture of Genoa, in 1814 ; and at the successful
expedition up the Penobscot in the same year. Sir David was nearly 38 years on Foreign
111 Major-General Colquhoun served in Flanders, under the Duke of York, and was
wounded and taken prisoner in 1795. Employed in Ireland during the rebellion, in 1798.
Served also, for a short i)eriod, in Portugal.
112 Major-General Nicol has received a medal for the battle of the Nive.
113 Sir Wm. 'i'uyll served at the llelder, in 1799 ; and in Portugal, Spain, and Walcheren
in 1808 and 9, as aide-de-camp to the present Marquis of Anglesey.
114 Sir George H. F. Berkeley served in Egypt, in 1807. In 1809 he was appointed
Assistant-Adjutant-General to the army in Portugal, and was present in the actions of the
10th, 11th, and 12th May, 1809, passage of the Douro, battles of Talavera, Busaco, Fuentes
d'Onor, Salamanca, Vittoria, and the Nive ; and sieges of Badajoz and San Sebastian.
Served also the campaign of 1815, including the battle of V\'aterloo. Sir George has received
a cross and three clasps.
115 Major-General S. H.Berkeley served at the capture of Surinam, in 1804 ; the Danish
Islands of St. John and St. Cioix, in 1807 ; and of Martinique, in 1809, including the siege
of Fort Bourbon.
. 116 Sir Charles Napier served in the Irish rebellion, in 1798, and in the insurrection in
1803. Commanded the 50lh thioughout the campaign terminating with the battle of
Corunna, when he was made prisoner after receiving five wounds, viz.:—leg broken by a
musket-shot, sabre-cut on the head, in the back by a bayonet, ribs broken by a cannon-shot,
and several severe contusions from the butt-end of a musket. Returned to the Peninsula
the latter part of 1809, where he remained until 1811, and was present at the action of the
Coa, (had two horses shot under him), battle of Busaco—shot through the face, jaw broken,
and eye injured ; battle of Fuentes d'Onor, second siege of Badajoz, and a great number of
skirmishes. In 1813, he served in a floating expedition on the Coast of the United States
of North America; landed a great number of times at Craney Island, and other places.
Served also the campaign of 1815, and was present at the storming of Cambray. Medal
for Corunna.
117 Sir Jeremiah Dickson served with the expedition to Hanover, in 1805 ; to Stralsund
and Copenhagen, in 1807 ; to Walchoren, in 1809 ; the Peninsular campaigns of 1812, 13, and
14, as an Assistant-Quarter-Master-General, and has received a cross and a clasp for the
battles of Vittoria, the Pyrenees, Nivelle, Orthes, and Toulouse. Served also the campaign
of 1815, including the battle of \\'aterloo, and capture of Paris.
- 118 Sir Charles Wade Thornton served on the Continent under the Duke of York, and
lost an arm by a cannon-shot at Lannoi.
119 Sir Henry Bing was at the siege of Porto Rico, and capture of Trinidad, in 1797.
Whilst quartered at Marin, to windward of Martinique, he was ordered to proceed in a
small vessel to St. Pierre, with a detachment of twenty-six men, to form a guard for the
governor, Sir Wm. Keppel ; encountered a I'rench privateer off the Diamond Rock, mount¬
ing four long nines, with seventy men on board, which after a sharp action of twenty
minutes, was beaten off with a loss of ten men killed and fifteen wounded. Sir Henry liaving
only one man killed, and himself wounded in the shoulder. Served the Egyptian campaign
of 1801, including the action at the landing at Aboukir Bay, siege of the castle, and actions
of the 21st March, and 9th May at Rahmanie, at which latter he commanded a squadron
of the 26th Light Dragoons, and lost his right leg. Expedition to Walcheren, and siege of
Flushing, 1809. Appointed Commandant of Tarifa in 1810, and for his services at its
defence his commission as Lieut.-Col. was antedated to the day of the assault, 31st Dec.
1811. Joined Lord Wellington's atmy a few days after the battle of Salamanca; com¬
manded the 82nd at the battle of V^ittoria, and towards the close of the action the command

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