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War Services of the General Officers. 29
1808, at Bilboa, Fries, Yornosa, Durango (slightly wounded by a musket ball), Valmaseda,
Nava, Guenas, Espinosa de Cos Monteros, retreat to Leon :—1809, disputed the passage of
the river Cornellana, defence of the bridge of Penaflor, action and defence of the bridge of
St. Payo, actions of the Tamames, Alba de Tormes (slightly wounded by a musket-ball),
Carpio, Medina del Campo, and on the right bank of the Tormes against the enemy's
cavalry:—1810, campaign of Estramadura and lines of Torres V'edras :—1811, battle of
Albuhera, and first siege of Badajoz :—1812, the attack and capture of the garrisons of Le-
quitio, Castro, Urdiales; actions of Portugalete, Somorostro, and Bilboa:—1813, blockade
of Pampeluna and Bayonne, including the different sorties and attacks in the vicinity of these
fortresses. Medal for the battle of Albuhera.
93 Lieut-General Clitherow served at Walcheren, in 1809; proceeded to the Peninsula
in 1810, and was severely wounded at the battle of Fuentes d'Onor, and again at the siege
of Burgos.
94 Major-General Strutt served at Gibraltar, from March 1782, to the termination of the
siege ; and on the Continent during the campaigns of 1794 and 95. Was actively employed
in the island of St. Vincent during the latter part of 1795 and the early part of 1796 ; in the
action of the 8th Jan. he received three wounds, viz : in the mouth, in the breast by a buck¬
shot, and above the right knee by a musket-ball, which buried itself in the bone, and occa¬
sioned amputation of the right leg.
95 Major-General Bradshaw was actively employed in St. Domingo in 1793, 94, and 95,
and commanded at St. Mare's and Tiburon, when those posts were attacked by the enemy.
Served in Ireland during the rebellion, in 1798 ; with the expedition to the Ferrol, in 1800 ;
and the Egyptian campaign of 1801, including th« actions of the 8th, 13th, and 21st March.
Medal for services in Egypt.
96 Baron Low has received a medal and one clasp for the battles of Talavera and
97 Major-General Scott served in St. Domingo, in 1794 and 95; in Ireland during the
rebellion, in 1798 ; with the expedition to the Ferrol and Cadiz, under Sir James Pulteney ;
and the Egyptian campaign of 1801, including the actions of the 8th, loth, and 21st March,
in which last he was severely contused on the breast by a musket-ball. Medal for services
in Egypt.
98 Major-General Wm. 11. Beckwith was at the siege of Fort Matilda and capture of
Guadaloupe, in 1794. Served also the campaign of 1799, in Holland.
99 Sir George Leith served in India under Sir Wm. Meadows and Lord Cornwallis, in¬
cluding the sieges of Bangalore and Savandroog, storming of Tippoo's lines, 6th Feb. 1792,
and the subsequent siege of Seringapatam.
100 Major-General Robertson was at the reduction of the French West India Islands by
Sir Charles Grey, in 1794, including the taking of Forts Bourbon and Royal; also at Morne
Fortuned, the storming of Fleur d'Ep^e, attack of Point Petre, and siege of Fort Matilda.
Served in Holland, and was severely wounded near Alkmaar. Proceeded with the expedi¬
tion to Naples and Calabria, and was present at the battle of Maida, for which he has
received a medal. In 1812 betook the islands of Lagosta and Cuzzola. Joined the Austrian
army under the command of Count Nugent, and was present at the capture of Trieste, and
the affairs at Ferrara, Reggio, and Parma.
101 Viscount de Chabot served in Holland, in 1799 ; in Spain, under Sir John Moore ; with
the expedition to Walcheren, in 1809 ; and subsequently in the Peninsula, until 1810.
102 Sir Patrick Ross served for nine years in India as Captain of the 25th, afterwards the
22nd Light Dragoons, in the Mysore campaign under Lord Harris, in 1799, including the
battle of Mallavelly, and siege of Seringapatam ; with the division under Sir Arthur
Wellesley, in the campaign of 1801, against the Mahratta Chief Dhoondiah ; and from 1802
to 1804, in the Mahratta country, and at the reduction of the ceded provinces. He re¬
turned from India in 1805, soon after which he was appointed Major ; and, in 1807, Lieut.-
Colonel of the 23rd Light Dragoons. Having exchanged to Infantry, he in 1810 joined the
2nd battalion of the 48th regt. in Portugal, and as the senior officer, held the command of
General (now Lord) Hill's brigade until compelled by severe illness to return to England.
On his recovery, he was placed as Assistant Adjutant General on the Home Staff, on which
he continued till the Peace (Tf 1814. In 1816, he was appointed to the 75th regt. and joined
it in the Ionian Islands, he remained in command of that corps, and of the Island of Santa
Maura and Zante until 1821, when he was promoted to the rank of Major-General; in 1824
lie was appointed to the Staff of the Ionian Islands, from which he was advanced to the
Government of Antigua, Montserrat, and Barbadoes in the following year.
103 Major-General Palmer served in the Peninsula with the 10th Hussars.
104 Major-General Wm. Stewart served in the Peninsula, and has received a medal for
the battle of Albuhera.
105 Sir Henry W. Rooke served in Holland, in 1799, including the actions of the 27th
Aug., loth and 19th Sept., 2nd and 6th October. Served also the campaigns of 1814 and
15, in Holland, Flanders, and France, including the bombardment of the French fleet at
Antwerp, attack on Bergen-op-Zoom, and actions at Quatre Bras and Waterloo.

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