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War Services of the General Officers who are not Colonels of Regimentt.
1 General the Honourable Fred. St. John served throughout the rebellion in Ireland, in
1798. Served also the two campaigns against the Mahrattas, as second in command under
Lord Lake, including seven sieges and two general actions.
2 His Majesty the King of the Netherlands served in the Peninsula from 1811 to the
end of that war in 1814, and has received a cross and two clasps for Ciudad Rodrigo, Bada-
joz, Salamanca, Vittoria, Pyrenees, and Nivelle. Served also the campaign of 1815, and
was severely wounded through the left shoulder by a musket-ball at Waterloo.
3 Sir George Cockburn served at Gibraltar during the siege in 1782, as aide-de-camp to
Lord Heathfield.
4 General Dunne served in Ireland during the rebellion, in 1798.
5 Sir Alex. Mackenzie served with Lord Moira's army in the expedition for the relief of
Ostend, in 1798; as second in command at the capture of the Cape of Good Hope, in 1795 ;
in command of a division of the expedition against Naples ; and afterwards in command of
the array in the two Calabrias.
6 Lord Cork served in Flanders, in 1793, and was present at the sieges of Valenciennes
and Dunkirk, at the former of which he was one of the storming party. In 1794 he accom¬
panied the expedition under Lord Moira; was present at the battle of Alost, and made pri¬
soner at the capitulation of Bergen-op-Zoom. Served with the Guards in Holland, in 1799.
Commanded the first battalion of the Coldstream Guards in Egypt, in 1801, and was present
at the taking of Alexandria, and in the different engagements with the army under Sir Eyre
Coote, to the westward of Alexandria.
7 Sir Martin Hunter served in the first American war, including the battles of Bunker's
Hill, Brooklyn, and Brandywine ; storming the heights of Fort Washington, and the night
attack on General Wayne's brigade, on which occasion he was wounded. Served afterwards
in the East Indies, and commanded the 52nd at the sieges of Cannanore (commanded a
corps of light infantry that stormed the breach), Pollighautcherry, and Bangalore ; battle
near Seringapatam, storming of the fort of Savandroog, the night attack on Tippoo's intrenched
camp under the walls of Seringpatam, where he was wounded in the body and arm. In
1797 he commanded a brigade at the capture of Trinidad, and at the siege of Porto Rico.
At the blockade of Malta, in 1800, he commanded the 48th regiment.
8 Sir John Fraser served on board the Defence, under Sir George Rodney, which ship, in
the general action of the 16th Jan. 1780, engaged and made prize the Spanish Admiral's
ship PAffinjo?, of superior force. Served afterwards at Gibraltar during the siege of 1780,
81, and 82, and received two severe wounds, one by a splinter, and the other by a cannon
shot which carried off his right leg. In 1804, when in command on the coast of Africa, he
was attacked by a very superior force, and obliged to capitulate : the enemy's loss in killed
on this occasion, exceeded the British force at the commencement of the action.
9 General the Honourable John Brodrick served at the siege of Dunkirk in Sept. 1793 ;
and in 1794 in the actions of the 17lh and 18th May, and at the taking of Fort St. Andre.
Served also in the Peninsula in 1808 and the early part of 1809.
10 General Scott's services :—Campaign of 1762 in Germany, under Prince Ferdinand of
Brunswick ; carried the colours of the 24th regiment in the action of Willimstall, and the
attack of the British picquets on the Fulda. First American war in 1776 and 77, under
General Burgoyne and Sir Henry Clinton, during which period he was frequently engaged
with the enemy, and was in danger of being hanged as a spy. Campaigns of 1793 and 94 in
Flanders, under the Duke of York, including the action at Famars, sieges of Valenciennes,
Dunkirk, and Newport; attack on the village of Fremont, and action on the 24th May, at
which last he was wounded in the right thigh by a musket ball. Commanded a brigade
during the campaign of 1799 in Mysore, and was present at the siege and capture of Sering¬
apatam, for which he has received a medal.
11 Lord Lorlon served at the taking of Martinique, St. Lucia, and Guadaloupe ; he was
also engaged in the different actions of that campaign, and received a contusion at Point-
12 General George Michell served in Flanders in 1793, 94, and 95, in command of the
11th Dragoons, including the actions from Tournay to Bremen, the sieges of Valenciennes
and Dunkirk, and the actions at Famars, Cateau, Thuyl, and Geldermalsen.
13 General M'Kenzie served the campaign of 1794 on the Continent, including the several
actions between the Waal, and Rhine, forcing the enemy from St. Andrfe, sortie from Ni-
meguen, and the actions at Thuyl and Geldermalsen. Served also on the eastern coast of
Spain under Sir Wm. Henry Clinton.

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