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War Semces of the General Officers. 29a!
(after the fall of Lt.-Col. Tomlinson), at Chapoo, Woosung,' and Changhai; and he was present
at the storming of Chin Kiang Foo and the landing before Nankin. Served with the 18th Royal
Irish in the last campaign in Burmali (Medal).
141 Major General Sallivan served the Bistern campaign of 1854 and up to 4th March
1853, as Assistant Adjutant General to the Li^ht Division, including the battles of the Alma,
Baliklava, and Inkcrmaa (horse shof), and siego of Soba^topol (Medal and Clasps, CB.,
Knight of the Legion of Homr^ 4th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal).
142 Major General Elward Trevor served the campaign of 1814 in Holland; and that of
1815 in Flanders and France, and was present at the battle of Waterloo and captures of
Cambray and Paris.
143 Major General Bainbrigge served with the 20th in the Peninsula, in 1808 End 9, and
a»ain in 1812 and 13, and was present at the battles of Vimicra, Corunna, Vittoria, and the
Pyrenees (where he was t<v\a% v/ounded and lost an arm), for which he has received the War
Medal with four Clasps. Served also in the Walcheren expedition.
144 Major General Cunynghame proceeded to China in 1841 as Aide de Camp to Lord Sal-
touii, and was present at the storm and capture of Chin-kiang-foo (led the column of attack
on the heights of Makuikiow), and at the investment of Nankin (Medal). In 1854 accom¬
panied the army to the Kist as Assistant Quarter Master General to the Ist Division, was pre¬
sent at the affair of Bulganack, battle of the Alma, taking of Balaklava, artiir of 23rd Oct.
on the heights of the Tchernaya, battles of Balaklava and Inkerman (served with the Guards
in the Sand-bag battery, and led into action a detached portion of the 20th U»gt.), and siege
of Sebastopol up to May 18.55 (Medal and four Clasps, CB., Officer of the Legion of Honor,
Turkish Medal, and 4th Class of the Medjidie). In March 1855 was appointed local Mijoi"
General, in JMay took command of a Division of the Turkish Contin<^ent, and in Aug.
received the personal thanks of the Sultan and was created a Licut.General in the Turkish army.
In Oct. 1835 sailed in command of 10,000 men to oecupy Kertch, and assisted to maintain that
position throughout the secuni winter in the Crimta (Turkish War Medal, and 3id Class of
the Medjidie).
145 !Mijor General Le Mesurler served in the 24th at the capture of the Cape of Good Hope
in 1800. In 1811, he joined the 2nd Battalion in the Peninsula, whore he served until the end
of that war in 1814, and was present at the sieges of Ciudad Rodrigo, Badajoz, battles of Sala¬
manca, Vittoria, Pyrenees,Eehalar, Nivelle, and Orthes (severely contused); and in the several
affairs on the banks of the Dourdogne in front of Bordeaux, being on continual advance guard
when that part of the army was moving forward on Angouletne. He has received the War
Medal, with four Clasps.
146 Major General Thomas Kelly served with the late 2Cih Lt. Dragoons during the latter
part of the Carih war in St. Vincent. He afterwards accompanied his Regt. to Portugal and
from thence to Egypt—the Transport in which he embarked was attacked by a Spanish gun¬
boat, which, after a sharp conflict, was beaten ott'. He served at the siege of Aboukir Castle,
with the dismounted part of his Ilegt. He was also present in the action of the 2l8t March
1801, and in the aftair of the advance of the army to the westward of Alexandria under Sir
Eyre Coote. He was wounded in a night attack on the enemy's outposts on the 25th Aug.
when, with a small detachment, he drove in the cavalry piquet, and captured the whole of the
infantry piquets opposed to him, which were much more numerous than his own party. He
has received the Gold Medal from the Grand Seignior for the Egyptian campaign, and also the
Silver War Medal with one Clasp.
147 Major General Ross served witli the 92nd Highlanders the campaigns of 1811,12, 13, and
14, including the actions of Arroyo deMolino, taking of Almaraz, in the affairs with the covering
army during last siege of Badajoz. advance to and retreat from Madrid, defence of Alba de
Tormes. battle of Vittoria, affairs in the valley of Bistan, affiir at the pass of Maya, battles
of the Pyrenees, wounded in the left leg by a musket-ball ; as Aide-de-Camp to Sir John
Buchan at the battles of the Nivelle and the Nive, taking the Heights of Li Costa, battle
of Orthes, action at Aire, battles of Toulouse, served the campaign of 1815 with the 92Dd
Highlanders, including the battle of Quatre Bras—wounded in the left foot by a musket-ball;
and battle of Waterloo,—wounded in the right arm by a musket- ball, and capture of Paris.
He has received the War Medal with six Clasps.
148 Major General Jephson servtd with the 2nd Queen's the cimpaij^n in Affghanistan and
Biloochistan, induding the storm and capture of Ghuznee (Medal) and of Khclat. He served
also the campaign in the Southern Mahra'.ti country in 1844 (including the storm of the For¬
tress o'' Punella), and that in the Concan in 1845: he commanded the stcrming party at the
Western Heights of Punella (wounded). Served also in the campaign of 1800 in China {CB.}.
149 Major General During served in the Peninsula dur'ng the Corunua campaign, and subse¬
quently from the latter pirt of 1812 to the end of that war in 1814, including the battles of
Oorunna, Vittoria, Pyrenees, the Nivelle, the Nive, Orthes, and Toulouse, for which lie has
received tlie War Medal with seven Clasps.
100 Miijor General Trollope commanded the troops in the Island of Cephalonia in 1848,
1849, and 1850. In August, 1848, the towns of Argostoli and Lixuri were attacked by armed
Banditti, who were repulsed by the troops with loss on both sides. In 1849 the Island was
disturbed by armed Insurgents,—martial law was proclaimed, which remained in force for six
weeks, and was carried into effect by him: received the thanks of the Queen, and of the
Legislature of the Ionian Islands, and was voted a sword by the inhabitants of Cephalonia.
Served the Eastern campaign from 10th Nov. 1854,—from the 12th Nov. until July, 1835, as

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