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23 War Services of the General Officers.
Ad jutant General's Department in the Crimea and at Scutari—mentioned in despatches (Medal with three Clasps,
Bre vet of Lt.Colonel, 5th Class of the Medjidie and Turkish Medal).
1'* Ma.ior General Lightfoot served as Brigade Major to the 5th Brigade at the second relief of Lucknow and at the
defeat of the Gwalior rebels at Cawaipore, present at the passage of the Kala Nuddee, commanded the 84th Regt.
at the Alumbagh, from the 23rd Jan. to the 10th March 1858 ; also at the capture of Lucknow, relief of Azimghur,
pursuit of Koer Sing, a,nd all the operations in the Shahabad district, with those which ended in the ejection of
the rebels from the Jugdesxiore Jungles, until 7th Nov. 1858. Subsetjuently commanded a Field Column under
Brigadier Douglas to the final suppression of the rebellion in Shahabad (several times mentioned in despatches, and
thanked by the Governor General, Brevet of Major, Medal with two Clasps, and CB.).
^'^ Sir Henry Hugh Clifford was at the battle of Boem Plaats in 1848, and served in the Kaffir war of
1852-53 (Medal). Also the Eastern camiiaign of 1854-55 fis Aide de Camp to Major General Buller, and on the return
of that ofScer to England from ill health, as Deputy Assistant Quarter Master General on the Staff of the Light Divi¬
sion till the teiTHination of the camjiuign (Medal with Clasps, Brevet of Major, Victoria Cross, Knight of the
Legion of Honor, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Apjiointed j^ssistant Quarter Master General to
the China expeditionary force in March 1857, and was present as Head of Department at the operations before and
tiking of Canton in Dec. 1S57 ''-n'^ Jii^i- 1S58 (Brevet of Lt.Colonel, and Medal with Clasp).
'"^ Major General Torrens served in the Eastern campaign as Aide de Camp to Brigadier General ToiTens, including
the battle of Inkerman—mentioned in despatches (wounded, and horse shot under him)—and siege of Sebastopol;
was appointed D.A.Q.M. General at Head Quarters in Feb. 1855, and served in that capacity until the endof the war,
having been present at both attacks on the Redan {Medal with four Clasps, Brevet of Major, Knight of the Legion
of Honor, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Served the Indian camjiaign of 1857-58, including the
relief of Lucknow by Lord Clyde ; selected for the command of the Rear Guard of the relieving army during its
march from Lucknow to Cawnpore after the relief of the Luckuow garrison, defeat of the Gwalior Contingent at
Gawnpore on 6th Dec. 1S57, operations across the Goointee, siego and capture of Lucknow ; was Assistant Adjutant
General H.M. Forces at Head Quarters during the operations by Lord Clyde against the rebels in Oude in 1858-59,
and was present at all the engagements of that campaign (Medal with two Clasps, and Brevet of Lt.Colonel).
'"* Major General Fyers served in the 40th Regiment at the capture of Kurrachee in 1839. Commanded a Company
of the 40th throughout the operations in Candahar and Atl'ghanistan in 1841 and 1842 (Medal), and was present in the
actions at Kale Shukh, Kunje Kuk, Pangwaie, Tiloo Khan, and Baba Wallie; also at the relief of Klia!ar-i-Ghilzee ;
subsequently at Killa, Aziem, Goaine. Ghuznee, and occupation of Cabool; and in all the affairs in which the
Candahar Division of the Army of Afifghanistan, under General Nott, was engaged in its progress through the
Khoord Cabaol, Tezeen, Jugdulluok, and Khyber Passes. Served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 with the 2nd
Battalion Rifle Brigade, including the battle of Alma, siege and fall of Sehastopol, aud attack of the Redan on
the 8th September. In October 1854 he commanded a party of Rifles and 23rd I'usiliers from Piquets of the Light
Division, and repulsed an attack made by the enemy's riflemen on our Pi((uets, and he commanded the Covering
Party of 200 men on the attack of the Redan (Medal with two Clasps, Brevets of Major and Lt.Colonel, Knight of
the Legion of Honor, Turkish Medal, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). Served in the Indian campaign of 1857-59,
commanded 2nd Battalion (7 Companies) at Cawnpore, after etfecting a junction with the force under General
"Windham on the 27th Nov. 1857 after effecting a forced march of 38 miles; captured two i3-pounder guns of posi¬
tion on the 28th November, and commanded the 7 Companies throughout the actions there under Lord Clyde, and
at the subsequent capture of Lucknow (mentioned in despatches, CB., Medal with Clasp).
'"° Major General Drysdale served with the 4th Light Dragoons during the campaign in Affghanistan under Lord
Keane, and was present at the siege and capture of Ghuznee (Medal). Served with the 9th Lancers in the Gwalior cam¬
paign, including the action at Punniar, 29th Dec. 1843 (Bronze Star). The Sutlej campaign in 1845-46, including the
battle of Sobraon (Medal). The Punjaub campaign of 1848-49, including the passage of the Chenab at Ramnuggnr,
and battles of Chillianwallah and Goojerat (Medal with two Clasps). The Indian campaign of 1857-59, and present
at Delhi during the siege operations, commanding the Regt. from 18th Aug. to the Ml of the city—horse shot at the
assault; commanded the Regt. with Greathed's Column, in action at Bolundshuhur, horse shot (wounded), and pre¬
sent in the actions of AUyirhur and Asrra (mentioned in despatch); also present at the relief of Lucknow (Brevet of
Lt.Colonel, CB., Medal with two Clasps).
""> Major (5eneral Crealock landed with the 90th Lt. Infantry at Balaklava on 5th Dec. 1854, and served at the siege
and fall of Sebastopol. Commanded a party of the Regt. in reser%'e at the storming of the Quarries, and assisted
in holding that work against the attacks of the Russians dxrring the following day; present with his Regt. at the
attacks of the Redan on the iStli June and Sth Sept. (mentioned in despatches); appointed D. A. Q. M. General at Head
quarters on 17th Sept. and at Constantinople in Dec. 1855 (Brevet of Major, Medal with Clasp, sth Class of the Med¬
jidie, and Turkish Medal). App&inted D. A. Q. M. General to the China expeditionary force in March 1857, and was
present at the whole of the operations at Canton in Dec. 1S57 and Jan. 1858 (Brevet of Lt.Colonel. Medal with Clasp).
Served in the Indian campaigns of Rohilcund, Byswarrah, and Trans-Gogra during 185S-59 on the Staff of Sir Wm.
Mansfleld, including the actions of Bareilly and Shahjehanpore (mentioned in dcsjiatches. Medal with Clasp). Ap¬
pointed Military Secretary to Lord Elgin, special ambassador in China, in March i86o, and was attached to the Head
Quarters of the British Armj' during the war of that year, including the action of Sinho, capture of the forts of
Tangkoo and Taku, action of Palichau, and surrender of Pekin (Medal with two Clasps). Served in the Zulu war
of 1879 in command of the 1st nivision (Modal with Clasp, and VMG.).
"" Major General J. N. Sargent accompanied the gstliRegiment as its Junior Captain on the Eastern Expedition of
1854, and was recommended by General Beatson for the Turkish Medal for the Danubian campaign, he having gone
on leave to the Danube, where (at Turtukai) he volunteered his services to that General, who was then searching for
boats to cross the river and attack the Russians. He served in the Crimean campaign in 1854-55, including the
battle of Alma (wounded, and specially mentioned in the Commanding Officer's oflicial report for " determined
bravery while leading the attack of the right wing" of the 95th Regiment up the heights of the Alma), repulse of
the i)owerful sortie on the 26th October, battle of Inkerman (where he succeeded to the command of the 95th Regt.
and brought it out of action, and at a crisis when every rifle was of vital importance he used one with remarkable
effect, especially when cut oS" from our position by the Russian Column that occujjied the ground whence the 95th
Regt. had charged the enemy down the hill), siege aud fall (^vounded) of Sebastopol. Was most strongly recom¬
mended for promotion for the b:ittle of Inkerman as a "most zealous, meritorious, and brave Officer" (Medal
with three Clasps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 5th Class of the Medjidie, Turkish Medal, and Brevet of Major).
Served the campaign of i860 in China as second Lt.Colonel of the Buffs, including the action of Sinho, in which ho
commanded the advanced guard (mentioned in despatches), taking of Tonghoo, and placed iu permanent command
of the advanced outpost towards the Taku Forts (mentioned iu despatches). Appointed Commandant of the Taku
Forts and Allied Commissioner. Commended by Sir Robert Napier for " good judgment, determination, and high
military qualities," and recommended to the Commander in Chief by Sir Hope Grant in the following words :—
"I would most strongly recommend this Officer to the favourable consideration of His Royal Highness. He was one
of the most active and useful officers in the field, who was in a position of great responsibility, and who performed
his duties to my entire satisfaction " {CB.. Medal with Clasp).
"^ Major General Sawyer served with the 6thjDragoon Guards in the Crimea from 26th May 1855, including the
battle of the Tohemaya, siego and fall of Sebastopol (Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal). Ser\^ed also in India
during the whole of the mutiny; present at the actions of Busgoon, Mohude]iorc, Russulporo, attack and capture of
Mitowlee, actions of Aligunge and Biswa, and subsequent pursuit of Tantia Topee and Feroze Shah in Central India
(Medal and Brevet of Lt.Coloi el).
"^ Major Gcnei-i'.l Lunrd served in the Crimea in the 77th Regt. from March 1855, and on the Staff as Brigade
Major to General Straubenzce and D. A. A. General at Head Quarters from June 1855, i ocluding the siege and fall of
Sebastopol (Medal with Clasp, Brevet of Major, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 5th Class of the Medjidic). Served
in China as Brigade Major 2nd Brigade in 1857-58, and mentioned in despatches as being the first person on the
walls of Canton (Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Modal with Clasp).
is« Major General Soagcr served the Eastern campaign of 1854 and up to Feb. 1855 with the Sth Hussars, including
the battles of Alma, Balaklava (wounded), and Inkerman, afl'airs of Bulganak and M'Kenzie's Fai-m, and siege of Se¬
bastopol. In June 1855 was appointed Assistant Military Secretnrj- to JIajor General Lord ^\m.. Paulet, commanding
on the Bosphorus, and continued in the same capacity to Sir H. Storks until the end of the Russian war in July 1856

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