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Private Secretary to the Queen Lieutenant General Sii-Henry Frederick Ponsonby,-STCS.
Aides die Camp to the Queen.
PerRn„nl { Field'Marshal Hix Royal mahness the Prince of Wales, KG. KT. KF. QCB. GCSI. GCMG.
MdesdeCamv \ ^•■'^i°'" (General Jlis Royal Highness the Dulce of Connaught, KG. KT. KB. GCMG. QCSI. Rifle
'^ \ Brigade.
Colonel Thomas Durand Baker, CB. i8 F.
Rt. Hon. Frederick Arthur Stanley, MP. late Lt.
and Captain Grenadier Guards; i Royal Lanca¬
shire Militia (Supernumerary).
Colonel 3Tarquis of Donegall, KF. GCII. Antrim MiUtia. I
W. F. Duke of Buccleuch, KG. Edinburgh Militia-
Biifhi Hon. John Wilson, Lord Winmarleigh, 3 R. I
Lane. Militia. '<
RobertAlex.Sharto,ioniWaveney, Suffolk Artillery
C. Vise. Eversley, Hampshire Yeomanry Cavalry.
F. K. Zord Methucn, R. Wiltshire Militia.
W. A. C. Marquis o/Exeter, Northampton Militia.
Robert Tolver, Lord Gerard, Lancashire Hussars
Yeomanry Cavalry.
William Bell, Royal Guernsey Militia.
Thomas F. Wilson, CB. Bengal Staff Corps.
IKC Christopher Charles Teesdale, CB. Royal
i'lC Sir Howard Craufurd Elphinstone, KCB. CMG.
Royal Engineers.
G. G. Barl of Warwick, Warwickshire Yeomanry
Edward William Blackett, h.p. Depot Batt.
James Godfray, Jersey Militia.
Sir Francis Worgau Festing, CB. KCMO. Royal
Marine Artillery
Assistant Director of Clothing H. D. Fellowes.
^""workl ''*"'''■''' of F<»-t\fi'"^ti'>^ """^ ^^""''"•o/] Major GeneralT.L.J.Gallwoy.Royal Engineers, I Aug.80.
Aide de Camp Lieut. G. W. Addison, Royal Engineers.
Deputy Director of Works, for Fortifications Colonel J. H. Smith, Royal Engineers.
Assistant Director of Works, for Fortifications... Colonel H. Schaw, Royal Engineers.
Deputy Director of Works, for Barracks Colonel P. Ravenhill, CB. Royal Eugmeers.
J..W. j 7T j jy trr T jy T, 7 f Colonel G. E. L. Walker, Roval Engineers.
Assistant Directors of Works, for Barracks \.^^ g^j^,^^! q_ Graham, CB Royal Engineers.
Inspector of Submarine Defences Colonel W. Grossman, CMG. Royal Engineers.
Assistant Inspector of Submarine Defences Major S. Anderson, CMG, Royal Engineers.
The FiiTAirciAL Sbceetaey Henry Campbell-Banncrman, .VP.
Prioate Secretary Ralph Dalyell.
Accountant General AVilliam Henry White, CB.
Deputy Accountant General R. H. Knox.
Assistant Accountant General H. T. De la B4re.

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