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Royal Military Academy, "Woolwich 126
Asylum, Chelsea 128
College, Sandhurst 126
Officers who have Certi¬
ficates from the Senior Department J 28J
Sale, &c.. Officers Retired by 604
Sandhurst, Royal Military College 126
Stafe College 126
School of Gunnery 127
Military Engineering "7
■ Music, Kneller Hall 127
■ Musketry at Hy the 127
School, Royal Hibernian Military 128
Schof 1 Is, Army 128
• HalfPay 602
Second Lieutenants, &c., on Half Pay 583
Senior Department, R. M. College, Officers who
have received Certificates from i28i
Sikh Infantry 444
Sind Frontier Force S22
Horse 522
Small Arms Factory, Bnfleld 128
South Australia, Staff in 119
South Eastern District Staff 112
Southern District Staff 1^2
Staff Abroad 115
■ at Home 112
College 126
Officers who have passed 1286
Corps 410
Officers of Pensioners 124
of the Army 2
Sub District 123
Star of India, Order of the 644
St. Helena, Staff in 120
St. Michael and St. George, Order of 645
Table oj CoiUtuis.
St. Patrick, Knights of 640
Straits Settlements, Staff in ' ir'J
Sub District Staff 123
Surrender of Half Pay, &c., Officers Retired by ... 604
Tasmania, Staff in "9
Thistle, Knights of the 640
Tower of London 123s
Transvaal and Natal, Staff in 120
Trinidad, Staff in : 121
Turks and Caicos Islands, Staff in 122
Unattached Officers, Bengal 452
Bombay 53^^
Madras 503
Veterinary Department 395
Bengal 457
Bombay 53°
—— HalfPay 602
Madras 506
Victoria Cross, Details of Services 646
Victoria, Staff in 11^
Waltham Abbey, Gunpowder Factory at 128
War Office 3
West Africa Settlements, Staff in 120
West India Regiments 360
West Indies, &c., Staff in 121
Western Australia, Staff in 119
Western District Staff 112
Windsor, Military Knights of 132
Windward Islands, Staff'in 121
Woolwich Arsenal 12B
Royal Military Academy laS
District Staff 113
Yeomanry Cavalry 738
Yeomen of the Guard 132
York, Staff at 112
Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St.
Michael and St. George.
Knight Commander of ditto ditto
Companion of ditto ditto
Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire.
Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Hanoverian
Guelphic Order.
Knight Commander of
Knight of
Knight of the Crescent.
K.G. Knight of the Order of the Garter.
K.T. Knight of the Order of the Thistle.
K.P. Knight of the Order of St. Patrick.
G.C.B. Knight Grand Crots of the Order of the Bath.
K.C.B. Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath.
C.B. Companion of the Order of the Bath.
G.C.S.I. Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the
Star of India.
K.C.S.I. Knight Commander of the Star of India.
C.S.I. Companion of the Star of India.
5P Before the Name denotes that the Officer served in the Peninsula, or the SotitJi of France.
< Officers actually present in either of the actions of the i6th 17th or i8th June 1815.
W Waterloo Medal. | officers are allowed two years' additional service.
I^ffi: Victoria Cross.
The names of the General Officers on the Retired List—those General Officers being over 70 years of age-are
indicated by an Italic letter r. prefixed to their names.
The Figures prefixed to the Names denote the Battalions to which the Officers are actually attached; c. before the
name denotes that the Officer has received a certificate from the Senior Department of the Royal MUitary College ;
the Letters v s c are placed before the Names of Officers who have passed through the Staff College ; and the Letter
;• after the names of Officers of the Royal Marines employed on the Recruiting Service. The Letters j^.s. after the
name of a MiUtia Officer denote that he has passed a School of Instruction. The * before the Name or Date of
Commission denotes Temporary Rank only. The Letter ^ before the Date indicates that the Commission was pur¬
chased. General Officers, with the prefix of a t, are on the half pay of their last Regimental Commissions.
The words subscribed to the titles of Regiments, as " Peninsula," " Waterloo," &c., denuuO ihe Honora;;- Dis¬
tinctions permitted to bo borne by such Regiments on their colours and appointments, in commemoration of their
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