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3« Army Council.
ip.s.c. Colonel C. J. Mackenzie, CB.
Colonel J. M. S. Brunker.
Assistant Adjutant Generals -I Colonel H. Bowles, CB.
p.i.c. Colonel E. R. C. Graham, CB.
Kp.s.c. Colonel F. C. Heath.
Deputy Assistant Adjutant General p.s.c. Colonel W. L. White.
Staff Captain '. Captain R. W. Hare, DSO. Norfolk Regiment.
Director Gen. of Army Medical Services Surgeon General A. Keogh, MD. KCB. (ranking as Lt. General).
Deputy Director General Surgeon General W. J. Faweett, MB. CB.
Assistant Director General Lt.Colonel J. M. Irwin. MB. Royal Army Medical Corps.
("Bt.Lieut.Colonel M. W. Russell, Royal Army Medical Corps.
Deputy Assistant Director Generals -5 Major H. C. Thurston, CMG. R lyal'Army Medical Corps.
(.Major H. G. M. Buist, DSO. MB. R. A. M. C.
Director of Auxiliary Forces Major General W. H. Mackinnon, CVO. CB. 19 Apr. 04.
'Hon. Colonel F. C. Romer, CMG. 6 Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers
(for Militia) .
. . . _. . ;Lt. Colonel F. C. Viscount Maitland, Citv of London Imperia
' - iLi "C-c :■'.".■■:: ...<. y eomanryj aentleman-at-Arms (for Imperial Yeomanry).
'Lt.Colonel and Hon. Colonel B. T. D. Cotton -Jodreli, CB. 2 Ches.
R.E. (Vols.) (for Volunteers).
Quarter Master General to the Forces Lt.General Sir W. G. Nicholson, KCB. Royal Engineers.
Private Secretary B. E. Holloway.
Director of Transport and Remounts p s.e. Major General F. W. Benson, CB. 1 Apr. 04.
Assistant Director of Transport Colonel G. O. Welch.
Staff Captain Major A. R. C. Atkins, Army Service Corps.
Assistant Director of Remounts Colonel U. G. C. de Burgh, CB.
Staff Captain Captain L. R. G. Bell.
Director General, Army Veterinary > Colonel H. Thomson, CB. Army Veterinary Department (ranking as
Services j Major General), 15 Oct. 02.
DireetorofMovementsandQuarterings Colonel (temp. BrigadierGeneral) G. F. Gorringe. CMG, DSO.
Deputy Assist. Director of Movements p.s.c. Bt.Major W. Campbell, DSO. Gordon Highlanders.
Deputy Assist. Director of Quarterings Major A. Phelps, Army Service Corps.
Deputy Assistant Director of Railways Captain H. L. Pritchard, DSO. Royal Engineers.
Director of Supplies and Clothing Colonel (temp. Brig. General) F. T. Clayton, CB.
Assistant Direct r of Supplies Lt.Colonel T. D. Foster, MVO. Army Service Corps, 1 Jan. 05.
Director of Equipment and Ordnance) Cjlonel F. E. Mulcahy, CB. Army Ordnance Dept. 1 Apr. 04 (with
Stores ) rank of Major General).
(" Lt.Colonel H. W. Perry, Army Ordnance Department.
Assistant Directors i Lt.Colonel CM. Mathew, DSO. Army Ordnance Dept.
(.Colonel H. M. Carter, CB.
Deputy Assistant Directors (f M fr? r , C «• Wrigley y.a.c. Army Ordnance Department.
J (. Lt.Colonel A. Y. Barton, p.a.c. Army Ordnance Dept.
Contract Section S. Daunreuthsr (Acting Principal).
Master General of the Ordnance p.s.c. Major Gen. Sir J. W.Murray, KCB. R. An.(Fourth Mil . Member) .
Private Secretary B. S. Boulter, Esq.
Director of Artillery Colonel C. F. Hadden, CB. p.a.c. 9 Apr. 04.
(Lt.Colonel E. F. Nelson.
Assistant Directors \ Bt.Colonel H. G. Smith, Royal Artillery.
(.Lt.Colonel F. V. Bushe, CMG. p.a.c. Royal Artillery.
/Captain B. J. M. Locke, Royal Artillery.
Captain F. L. Galloway, p.a.c. Royal Artillery.
Staff Captains -| Captain J. S.Ollivant, DSO. Ro.yal Artillery.
j p.s.c. Major W. E. Edwards, Royal Artillery.
\p.s.c. Captain S. W. Douglas, DSO. Royal Artillery.
Director of Fortifications and "Works Colonel R. M. Ruck, Royal Engineers, 1 Apr. 04.
( Colonel L. B. Friend.
Assistant Directors \ Colonel G. K. Scott-Moncrieff, CIE.
( Colonel C. B. Mayne.
Inspector of Electric Lights and Sub- 1 „, „ r t> r> t> , ^
marine Mines ?......„ 1 Major \V. B. Brown, Royal Engineers.
Inspector of iron Structures Captain T. H. Cochrane, MVO. Royal Engineers.
, Captain E. D. Swinton, DSO. Royal Engineers.
Captain H. S. Rogers, Royal Engineers.
Staff" Captains J Bt.Major A. J. Craven, Royal Engineers.
Captain J. B. MacGeorge, Royal Engineers.
V Captain C. E. Vickers, Ro.yal Engineers.
Civil Member Earl of Portsmouth.
Private Secretary J. Houlihan, Esq.
Director of Barrack Construction H. B. Measures, Esq. FRIBA.
Assist. Director of Barrack Constn. ... T. Ivor-Moore, FSI. AIEE. AMIus-'. OF..
Assistant Architects ( C. W. Mapledon, Esq.
( J. B. Tausley, Esq.
Chaplain General Ft. Sec. Bishop J. Taylor Smith, CI'O. DD. 1 Nov. ox.
Financial Secretary T. R. Buchanan, Esq. MP.
Private Secretaries C. M. Wynne, Esq.
Director of Army Finance Sir G. D. A. Fleetwood Wilson, CB.
Frioate Secretary , B. R, T. Grmdle, Esq.
Assistant Directors ( J - ^ -^p^ isocounts).
i H. D. De la Bere (Finance).

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