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Army Council.
Chief of the General Staff
Private Secretary
Assistant "Private Secretary
Director of Military Operations
Assistant Directors
Deputy Assist. Quarter blaster Generals
Staff Captains (
Director of Staff Dvities
Assistant Director
Deputy Assistant Adjutant Generals
Dej u.fy Assistant Quarter Master Gen
Staff Captains
Director of Military Training.
Assistant Directors
Deputy Assistant Quarter Master Gens.
Staff Captains .
Lieut.General Son. Sir l$.G.I,yt.telton,ECB.(First Military Member).
Captain W. M. C. Du Q. Caillard, 7 Dragoon Guards.
Major Sir W. Stewart-Dick-Cunyngham, Bt. (unpaid).
p.s.c. Major General J. S. Ewart, CB. 6 Oct. 06
p.s.c. Colonel W. R. Robertson, CB. DSO.
p.s.c. Colonel F. J. Davies, Grenadier Guards.
p.s.c. Colonel C. E. Callwell.
p.s.c. Bt.Colonel G. F. Milne, DSO. Royal Artillery.
p.s.c. Bt.Colonel J. A. L. Haldane. CB. DSO. Gordon Highlanders.
p.s.c. Captain H. C. Holman, DSO. Indian Army.
p.s.c. Bt.Major G. K. CockeriU, Royal Warwickshire Regiment.
p.s.c. Major J. E. Edmonds, Royal Engineers.
p.s.c. Major W. A. Macbean, Royal Artillery.
p.s.c. Major C. F. Romer, Royal Dublin Fusiliers.
o.s.c. Major W. T. Furze, DSO. Royal Artillery.
p.s.c. Major R. St. G. Gorton, Royal Artillery.
p.s.c. Captain G. McK. Franks, Royal Artillery.
Major C. F. Close, CMG. Royal Engineers.
p.s.c. Captain N. Malcolm, DSO Argyll and Sutherland Highldrs.
p.s.c. Captain A. Grant-Duff, Royal Highlanders.
Major C. H. Enthoven, Royal Engineers.
p.s.c. Captain G. Paley, Rifle Brigade.
p.s.c. Major W. Thwaites, Royal Artillery.
l^acAed... Lt.Colonel W.G.Macpherson, CMG. MB. R. A. Med. Corps
/Major A. D. Geddes, East Kent Regiment.
/ Captain F. G. W. Kell, South Staffordshire Regiment.
I p.s.c. Captain H. D. Farquharson, Royal Marines.
! Lieut. R. Ommanney, Royal Engineers.
p.s.c. Captain M. H. E. Welch, Royal Irish Regiment.
CaDtain C. G. W. Hunter, Royal Engineers.
p.s.c. Captain H. B. Roberts, Royal Artillery.
p.s.c. Captain Clifford Coffin, Royal Engineers.
Captain G. R. Frith, Royal Engineers.
p.s.c. Captain B. Atkinson, Royal Artillery.
p.s.c. Captain J. T. Burnett-Stuart, DSO. Rifle Brigade.
p.s.c. Major J. K. Todd, Indian Army.
p.s.c. Captain G. S. Clive, Grenadier Guard3.
p.s.c. Captain P. P. de B. Radcliffe, Royal Artillery.
p.s.c. Major G. D. Symonds, Royal Artillery.
Captain C. H. Ley, Royal Engineers.
p.s.c. Captain S. H. Wilson, Royal Engineers.
Captain T. T. Behrens. Royal Engineers.
Captain L. D. Fraser, Royal Artillery.
p.s.c. V& Major H. L. Reed, Royal Artillery.
x p.s.c. Major R. W. P. White, Welsh Regiment.
Major General H. D. Hutchinson, CSI. Indian Army.
p.s.c. Bt.Colonel H. H. Wilson, DSO. Rifle Brigade.
p.s.c. Lt.Colonel W. Adye.
f p.s.c. Lt.Colonel W. P. Blood.
I p.s.c. Captain A. H. Mandarin, Royal Highlanders.
j p.s.c. Major Hon. A. R. Montagu-Stuart- Wortley, DSO.
Royal Rifles.
■>, p.s.c. Captain K. M. Davie, Gloucester Regiment.
\ p.s.c. Major E. S. Nairne, Royal Artillery.
I p.s.c. Captain U. D. De Pree, Royal Artillery.
p.s.c. Major General D. Haig. CVO. CB.
( Colonel E. S. May, CB. CMG.
} p.s.c. Colonel A. Hamilton-Gordon, Royal Artillery.
p.s.c. Captain H. M. de F. Montgomery, Royal Artillery.
p.s.c. Major A. G. Dallas, Durham Light Infantry.
Major H. S. Jeudwine, Royal Artillery.
p.:c. Captain A. Solly-Flood, DSO. South Lane. Regiment.
p.s.c. Captain J. Duncan, DSO. Royal Scots Fusiliers.
p.s.c. Captain R. T. Roper, Dorsetshire Regiment.
p.s.c. Captain T. O. Marden, Cheshire Regiment.
p.s.c. Bt.Major C. J. Saekville-West, King's Royal Rifle Corps
p.s.c. Captain W. H. Anderson, Cheshire Regiment.
p.s.c. Bt.Major F. G. Fuller, Royal Engineers.
Adjutant General to the Forces Major General C. W. H. Douglas, CB. {Second Military Member)
Private Secretary Major P. B Smithe, M VO.
Director of Recruiting and Organisa- > ,, . „ , TT c r < »«■•! ,-.t^> r,r> t
tion ,.......„ ! p.s.c. Major General H. S. G. Miles, CI O. CB. + June 04.
(Colonel C. Crutohley, MVO.
p.s.c. Colonel H. N. C. Heath.
Colonel H. A. Walsh, CB.
Colonel J. M. S. Brunker.
p.s.c. Colonel F. C. Heath.
C Major J. W. G. Roy, Notts, and Derby Regiment.
Dsputy Assistant. Adjutant Generils ...J p.s.c. Major D. L. MacEwen, Cameron Highlanders.
Lp.s.c. Major R. D. Whicham.
( Bt.Major A. M'N. Dykes, Royal Lancaster Regiment.
81 ifl' Ca plains < p.s.c. Captain A. H. H. Wilson, Wiltshire Regiment,
(.Captain E. H. E. Collen, DSO. Royal Artillery.
Director of Personal Services p.s.c. Colonel (temp. Brig. Gen.) G. F. Browne, CB. DSO.

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