Safe Room

Throughout Bartholomew's history, the firm maintained an extensive collection of engraved copperplates. The copperplates were a valuable resource. Not only was the copper itself valuable, the engraved plates represented a major business asset. As a result, Bartholomew's engraved copperplates were stored in a custom-built safe.

See the building accounts abstract page to find out about the cost of the safe.

More about the copperplate safe

  • Thumbnail: Photo of shelving containing documents
  • Thumbnail: Detail from typed letter
  • Thumbnail: Detail from blueprint with outline of a large safe
Photo of shelving containing documents

Photograph of safe in NLS

This photo shows Bartholomew's copperplate safe as it currently looks. It was removed from Duncan Street and reconstructed at the National Library of Scotland in the 1990s.

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Typed letter

Building the copperplate safe

A letter from William Little and Sons reveals the attention to detail that went into designing and constructing Bartholomew's copperplate safe.

Transcript and images of this letter

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Blueprint with outline of a large safe

Safe blueprint

The blueprint outlining the design and construction principals behind Bartholomew's copperplate safe. The finished safe appears to have followed this plan.

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