Section through 12 Duncan Street Second floor First floor Ground floor Basement

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Plan of basement Paper Store

The basement at Duncan Street was where John Bartholomew & Son stored their paper supply.

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Ground floor

Plan of ground floor Hall Safe Room Colourists’ Room Litho Artists' Room Litho Stone Polishing Room Machine Room

The ground floor would have been the busiest and noisiest of all the floors at Duncan Street. The main entrance, several departments, the printing equipment and the loading bays were all located here.

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First floor

Plan of first floor Director's Office Draughtsmen's Room The Library Engravers' Room

The first floor was light, bright and relatively quiet. For these reasons, this floor was where some of Bartholomew's most highly skilled staff could be found.

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Second floor

Plan of second floor Map Mounting Room

The second floor was dedicated to Bartholomew's map-finishing processes.

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