Falcon Hall

Falcon Hall meant a lot to John George Bartholomew, as he and his family had rented it for a time and enjoyed fond memories of their time there.

In 1908, after they had moved, Falcon Hall was scheduled for demolition. John George saw this as an opportunity. After contacting the building's owner, John George bought the front portico of Falcon Hall, shown prominently on this postcard, and had it rebuilt as the entrance to Duncan Street.

Other parts of Falcon Hall were distributed across Edinburgh. Most notably, Falcon Hall's gates are now at the former entrance to Edinburgh Zoo.

  • Thumbnail: Photo of a large building set in a garden
  • Thumbnail: Detail from a handwritten letters
Photo of a large building set in a garden

Postcard of Falcon Hall

A postcard of Falcon Hall, Edinburgh, which stood in the Morningside area of Edinburgh.

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Two handwritten single-page letters, 1908

The purchase of Falcon Hall's portico

This set of letters refer to John George Bartholomew's purchase of the Falcon Hall portico. They reveal the £225 price asked for by the owner, J M Cruikshank.

Once rebuilding costs were added, the portico was one of the most expensive parts of the whole of the Duncan Street building.

Transcript of Falcon Hall portico letters

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