The Duncan Street plot

Having lost out on buying land for new premises on Grange Road, John George Bartholomew began to look elsewhere in Edinburgh.

Luckily the large plot, with a villa and garden, at 12 Duncan Street became available fairly soon afterwards.

  • Thumbnail: Text from a newspaper advert
  • Thumbnail: Outline plan of Duncan Street building
Coloured sketch of a building

The sale of the Duncan Street plot

This newspaper cutting in 1908 reveals the sale of the Duncan Street land was by public auction, termed 'public roup' in the cutting, and gives details of the size of the site and its estimated value.

Transcript of land sale news cutting

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Outline floor plan of a building

Sketch of Duncan Street plot

This sketch reveals more about the lay-out of the Duncan Street site, before it was bought by Bartholomew. It shows the position of the original house within its gardens, as well as the extent of the plot.

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