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—He throws her hastily round, hut instant¬
ly repents his harshness, kisses her hand, and'<
rushes out.—She looks after him a momenta
then shading her eyes â– with her hand, as if ttii
conceal her tears, slowly leaves the stage.) i
SCENE V.—A Romantic Pass by Moonlight. —:
Goddard's Stone in the centre of the Stage. |
Enter Alice.
Alice. Surely he will not fail to come. My heart
trembles at its own audacity. Should my absence:
be discovered ! Who’s there ?—Julian !
Enter Juliax.
Jul. Your own devoted Julian.
Alice. Alas ! I scarcely know how to excuse my-i
self for demanding such an interview ; but it was ne¬
cessary to your peace. Julian, your intercourse with .
my father is dangerous.
Jul. Alice, impossible!
Alice. By your love for me, he would effect that |
vengeance which he considers due to your parents ]
and the Lady Derby. He would pervert your no- i
tions to his own purposes— turn your heart from the ;
principles in which it has been taught to beat—and
I am to be the reward.
Jul. Holds he a thought so base ?
Alice. Alas! Worked upon by my uncle,—the
brother of the murdered Christian, he holds it just,
by any means, to compass his revenge. Once more, ?
—avoid my father!
Jul. Nay, once more, I must behold him. I am
about to leave the island, and wish to warn him there
is danger in his stay. The Countess is not ignorant
of his presence, any more than she is of his deter¬
mined hate.
Alice. My uncle Christian is too well acquaint. '