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id you. Upon your road you can visit the resi-
fnce of your father, whose advice may benefit our
ians. Go, then, my son. While I get ready my
"spatches, prepare for your departure; and may
te blessings of a widowed mother prosper your en-
rprise. [ Exit.
Jul. Ere I depart, I must contrive some inter,
iew with Alice. The night draws on ; yet I can-
leave the island without seeing her.
I Enter a Servant, who gives a Note to Julian,
i and retires.—Fenella enters at the bach of the
*1 stage at the same time.
I From Alice !—“ I fear I am going to do wrong—I
; must see you. Meet me as soon as possible at Goddard
, Cooven’s Stone.” Kind Providence ! thus you an-
• ticipate my wishes. Yes, dear Alice ! I will see you
I instantly—(Fenella comes forward)—Fenella here !
; (As Julian prepares to leave the stage, at the
same time Fenella interposes, and prevents
his departure.)
How Fenella!—Oppose my departure ! What can
be her motive ?
(Fenella takes out a tablet, and, writing on it,
gives it to Julian.)
Jul. (Reads.) “ Danger is around the Countess;
I but more danger in what you propose.” How can
she, who is insensible of sound and utterance, know
my purpose ?
(Fenella lays her hand upon her brow, then
sketches on the tablets, and presents them to
A sketch of Goddard’s Stone—“ Not meet Alice.”
What power can have imparted to Fcnella my de¬
sign ? Is this sorcery?—Not meet Alice !—Notall
the subtilties of man or demon shall oppose me.
(Fenella again endeavours to prevent his going.