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ikct I.
ale lady. But you shall swing for’t, be assured,
onost villanous ! Drag him along—Stay !—here
aiomes Mistress Fenella, our lady’s favourite.
WZntcr Fenella.—She starts and appears much
R agitated at the sight of Bertram, mho eyes her
I attentively.
Samp. Ay, mistress Fenella—saw you ever such
hang-dog ? There is murder in the glance of his
^eft eye—felony at the tip of his nose—and perjury
in every twist of that rascally mouth: In short, his
' face is a pocket edition of the Newgate Calendar.
Enter an Officer.
Offi. Master Sampson, confine the prisoner in the
western tower. The papers found upon him are
most important; therefore look to him well.
(During this speech Fenella passes behind the
attendants, and. drawing near Bertram, ap¬
pears to hold communication with him by
Samp. Mistress Fenella, no tampering with the
prisoner. Ldrd ! I forgot the helpless animal was
deaf and dumb—poor wretched dependant upon my
lady’s bounty.
(Fenella eyes him with strong contempt, and,
once more glancing significantly at Bertram,
leaves the apartment.)
That girl’s the devil!—So much mystery—so much
gloom. She hasn’t a smile for any soul in the house
but Master Julian. Well, well—all’s well that ends
well. So bring my knight of the ugly mug along
with you. Oh, you diabolical-looking miscreant!