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SCENE IV.—An Apartment in Holm Peel Catllel
Enter the Countess of Dekby with Papern
preceded try a Servant and an Officer. . j
Coun. Sirrah ! Bid them look well to the north;
bastion, and hasten its repairs—[Exit Servant]—.^
while you, good captain, dispose the night-watch,
early. There are some within the island who bear
us no good will, and need your vigilance—Look to
it, captain.—[Captain hows, and —Will the
persecutors ne’er be stilled—ne’er slacken their en-:
deavours to avenge the death of that unhallowed trai¬
tor, whose name and infamy should both have been
extinguished in his blood ? Well, let them rage— <
here’s that will crush their malice. These papers, so !
happily discovered, teach me the plot I feared, is not!
confined to this poor island, but, spreading through ;
the realm, purposes to force, upon the royal councils, j
those stern and ruthless men who lorded it in Crom-1
well’s time ; and, as a leader in this bold conspira- !
cy, stands foremost my proud foe, his Grace of Buck-1
Fenella enters unobserved, and, during the fol-\
lowing lines of the Countess's speech, appears to
listen attentively, expressing delight at the agita- ■;
tion of her manner.
Christian, too, an agent of his Grace !—Bridgenorth
concerned! These papers must to court. This foul
conspiracy once known, and the imaginary plot,
which now disturbs the realm, invented by these wily
knaves to cloak their own design, will fall at once;
and—f Observing Fcnella)—Who’s there ?—Slave
—hast thou dared—psha! I forgot—She hears roe