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An t-Samhuin, 1932.
Secondary School; 3 (equal), Sadie Kennedy, Oban
High School, and Chnssie Campbell, Dunvegan.
Reading with Expression a Piece of Prose or
Poetry, by Learners.—1, Margaret Black, (Oban
High School; 2, Mamie MacKenzie, Oban High
School; 3, Cath MacSween, Oban High School; 4,
Angus Sinclair, Fort William H.G. School; 5,
(equal), Mary MacLeod, Oban High School, and
Kathleen R. MacDonald, Kilmacolm.
Boys (under twelve years of age).—Repeating the
121st Prose Psalm, or verses 1 to 11 of Chapter 5
of St. Matthew’s Gospel. Prizes from the late Mrs.
Stewart, Simla.—1, Jack Cameron, Ardgour; 2,
John Brown, Luing Public School; 3, Hugh N.
Gibson, Greenock.
Reading at Sight an Unfamiliar Prose Piece
chosen by the Judges.—1, Sadie Kennedy, Oban
High School; 2 and 3 (equal), Helen O’Reilly and
Morag Macintosh, Fort William Secondary School;
4, Ena MacCormick. Oban High School; 5 (equal),
Isobel Stewart, Oban High School, and Peter
MacRae, Fort William H.G. School.
Narrative based on Some Local Incident, tradi¬
tion, or Legend, followed by conversation on the
subject of the narrative between the competitors
and the adjudicators.—1, Jessie Cameron, Blarmac-
foldach; 2 and 3 (equal), Sadie Kennedy and Mamie
MacKenzie, Oban High School.
Conversation between Judges and Competitors.—
1, Sadie Kennedy, Oban High School; 2, Morag
Macintosh, For)t William Secomdary School; 3,
Donald MacDonnell, do.
W.R.I. Room.
Adjudicators :—Mr. John R, Bannerman, Rahane;
Rev. William MacDonald, M.A., Killmallie.
Reciting from Memory, “Am Badan Fraoich”
(Neil MacLeod).—1, Jack Cameron, Ardgour; 2,
Sadie Kennedy, Oban High School; 3 (equal),
Catriona L. MacLean of Ardgour; and Chrissie
Campbell, Duvegan.
For Excellence in Gaelic Conversation (Bovs and
Girls). -1, Isobel Stewart, Oban High School;
2 (equal), Peter MacKay, Luitig Public School, and
Miss Morag MacKintosh, Fort William Secondary
Girls (under 12 years of age).—Repeating the
121st Prose Psalm, or verses 1 to 11 of Chapter 5 of
St. Matthew’s Gospel. Prizes from the late Mrs
Stewart, Simla.—1, Margaret MacMurchie, North
Luing School; 2 Anne Maclean of Ardgour; 3,
Jessie Cameron, Blarmacfoldoch.
Vocal Music.
Masonic Hall.
Adjudicators.—Music—Professor W. Gillies Whit¬
taker, Mus. Doc., Glasgow. Gaelic—Mr. John
MacDonald, M.A., Glasgow.
Solo Singing of a Song. Girls (Gaelic Learners).
Songs prescribed were.—“0’s toigh leam an Cibear”
and “Mo roghainn ’s mo run.”—1, Margaret Mac¬
Murchie, North Luing; 2, Sarah MacKinnon,
Carradale; 3, Rachel MacPherson, Portree.
Traditional Singing of an Unpublished Gaelic
Song (confined to Gaelic Speakers).—1, Peter
MacKay, Luing Public School; 2, Nan Brown, do.;
3, Annie T. Campbell, Greenock.
Choral Singing of a Song with or without Chorus,
in two-part Harmony (Gaelic Learners). Songs
prescribed were—“Tir nam beann Ard” and
“Cronan.”—1, Carradale Junior Choir; 2, Fort
William Secondary School Choir,
Solo Singing of a Song. Boys and Girls. jOpen
only to former first-prize winners (Learners and
Native Speakers). The Song prescribed was
“Moladh na Lanndaidh.”—1, Isobel Stewart, Oban
High School; 2, Caroline Owen, Balnain.
Duet Singing of the song ‘‘Orodh Chailein” (Gaelic
learners).—1, Effie Fisher and Mary MacDougall,
Carradale; 2, Mary Paterson and Mary MacKinnon,
Solo Singing of a Song. Boys (Confined to
Gaelic speakers). Songs prescribed were—“ Gaol
is Ceol” and “Lag nan Cruachan.”—1, Colin
Campbell, Greenock; 2, Peter Mackay, Luing Phblic
School; 3, George Robertson, Kinlochleven.
Town Hall.
Adjudicators :—Music—Sir Hugh S. Roberton,
Glasgow. Gaelic — Mr Duncan M'Callum,
Solo Singing of a Song. Girls (Confined to Gaelic
speakers). Songs prescribed were—“Cur trom,
trom a ta mi” and “Mo Robaimeach Gaolach.”—1,
Nan Brown, Luing Public School; 2, Margaret M.
M. MacQueen, Easdale; 3, Mary D. MacPherson,
Duet Singing of the Song “ Seinn an duan so”
(Confined to Gaelic Speakers).—1, Nan Brown and
Peter Mackay, Luing Public School; 2, Mima
Gillies and Helen O’Reilly, Fort William Secondary
Solo Singing of a Song. Boys (Gaelic learners).
Songs prescribed were—“ So mi ’m shineadh air an
t-sliabh” and “ ’S toigh leam a’ Ghaidhealtachd.”—
1, Donald M. Ramsay, Greenock; 2, Donald
Stewart, Balnain; 3, Iain M. Cameron, Greenock.
Solo Singing of a Gaelic Song (own choice).
Open to Girls over 16 and under 18 years of age at
date of Mod.—1, Jemima MacLean, Carradale; 2,
Johan Boyd, Ardgour; 3, Mary MacDonald,
Action Song. Prize, £4 4/-, given by the Paisley
Highlanders’ Association, and retention for one
year of the “ Shiant Shield,” presented by Mr
Compton MacKenzie.—1, Carradale Junior Choir.
Unison Singing Competition for Junior Choirs.
Songs prescribed were, “ Oran Chlbinn Lachlainn”
and “Puirt 4 Beul.”—1, IP'ortree Junior Gaelic
Choir ; 2, Carradale Junior Choir.
Choral Singing of a Song, with or without chorus,
in two-part harmony. Prescribed songs were, “Tir
nam beann ard” and “Crhnan.” At least 50 per
cent, of the members must be able to converse in the
Gaelic language.—1, Portree Junior Gaelic Choir; 2,
Ballachulish Junior Choir.
Adjudicators:—Rev. Hector Cameron, Moy; James
Thomson, M.A., Bayble: Donald Graham, M.A.,
Royal Academy, Inverness; Angus Murray, Tay-
nuilt; John MacPherson, M.A., Broadford; Rev.
Neil Ross, B.D., Bowmore: Mrs M. A. Campbell,
Ibrox: Alex. Thomson, Oldhall; Rev. Alexander
MacDonald, Ardchattan; Hector MacDougall,
Glasgow; Rev. Geo. MacKenzie, B.D., Greenock;
Rev. Colin MacPherson, M.A., Johnstone.
Poem on any subject.—1, Donald Gillies,
Glasgow; 2, Dona’d MacDonald, Eriskay, S. Uist.
Essay on “The Gael as delineated by Neil
Munro.” Prize, £55, presented by Mr. Duncan
Maclnnes, Royal Chief of the Order of Scottish
Clans of America—Won by Mrs. Catherine F,
Urquhart, North Kessock,