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The Clandestine Marriage

Playbill advertising a performance of The Clandestine Marriage at the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh

Title:   The Clandestine Marriage

The Deaf Lover (Subperformance)
The Forty Thieves (Subperformance)
The School for Scandal (Subperformance)
Bon Ton (Subperformance)
The Busy Body (Subperformance)
Guy Mannering (Subperformance)
Performer:   Mr Farren
Performer:   Mr Abbott
Playwright:   George Colman, the Elder

Location:   Theatre Royal, Shakespere Square, Edinburgh

Date of performance:   18 August 1819

Notes:   Many of these playbills have manuscript annotations concerning the performance as it actually took place. The note here reveals that the promised performance of 'The Forty Thieves' never actually happened.

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