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John and Mary Salmond's story

John Salmond (around 1828-1899) and Mary Salmond (1822-1905)

Emigrated to Otago district, New Zealand, in 1849.

From Montrose to Tokomairiro

John Salmond, originally from Montrose, and his wife, Mary, emigrated to Otago district, New Zealand, in 1849. They were probably encouraged to go by reports published in the local press and the 'Otago journal'.

The Salmonds lived in Dunedin for a year. In 1851 they settled in the Tokomairiro area – present-day Milton – about 35 miles south-east of Dunedin, where John had bought a double rural allotment.

There were only two other settlers in the area at that time, and Mary was thought to be the first white woman in Tokomairiro. They had three children: Mary Ann, John and William.

Gabriel's Gully goldfields

In 1861, when gold was discovered in Gabriel’s Gully, John set off to the goldfields, but fell ill and was forced to return home.

By 1865 John and Mary had built a 12-roomed house called Karnford.

John's health deteriorated rapidly and eventually he became bedridden. But with his wife’s help he kept running his farm, which prospered quickly.

John died in 1899 and Mary in 1905.