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Flora and Allan MacDonald's story

Flora MacDonald (1722-1790) and Allan MacDonald (1722-1792).

Emigrated from Kingsburgh, Skye, to North Carolina, USA, and then to Nova Scotia, Canada.

Financial difficulties

Flora and Allan MacDonald married in 1750. They farmed at Flodigarry, Skye, until financial difficulties forced them to emigrate to North Carolina, USA, in 1774.

They settled at Cheekā€™s Creek in Anson, now Montgomery, County, where they acquired a farm.

American War of Independence

When the American War of Independence started in 1775, Allan supported the loyalist cause and joined the Royal Highland Emigrants 84th regiment. He and other soldiers were defeated and taken prisoner in 1776.

During Allan's imprisonment Flora suffered great hardship. After his liberation in 1778, she was allowed to join him in New York.

Canada and Scotland

Soon afterwards, Allan rejoined his regiment in Nova Scotia and Flora followed him.

Nevertheless, she felt ill, lonely and homesick and decided to return to Britain in late 1779. Allan followed her in 1785.

They spent their last days in Penduin, Skye, where Flora died in 1790 and Allan in 1792.