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  Ask if Garret got the song, and if he does not
  get it before you, bring it to him.
  For Mr. Richd. Tupper in
  Mitchelstown, near Dublin,
  From the letter we learn that it was the practice
  of the scribes to pass MSS. from one to another,
  and so copies were multiplied, and their own
  reading became more extensive. Of course, it
  will be understood that we have not now all the
  work which they left at their deaths. The names
  of many men who studied in this way are alto-
  gether unknown, and old books have perished by
  the score in the course of years. We cannot guess
  what Book of Medicine Mac Solly was anxious
  about when he wrote ; but such reading material
  in Irish was abundant. He had himself borrowed
  the volume from a practitioner of some kind.
  The latter refused to attend to a patient until he
  should recover possession of it, notwithstanding
  the fact that Mac Solly had supplied him with
  another. What he means by asking Tupper to
  put the missing copy in order so that the owner
  may not miss it we cannot say. He goes on to
  request him to send him a copy of Keating,
  perhaps that author's History of Ireland^ and also
  a song by Francis Devlin. This Francis Devlin
  was a priest, and addressed a short piece to Garret
  Macnamee, who is next mentioned in the missive*
  Macnamee was a native of some place in county
  201 P"

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