Nigel Tranter

'No overlordship of our ancient nation, much more ancient than is this England, is acceptable'
('Envoy Extraordinary')

Nigel Tranter is renowned for popularising Scottish history through his prodigious output of over 130 books, mostly novels imbued with his enthusiasm for Scottish history. He was untiring in his advocacy of the need to bring Scottish history to the fore in the country's classrooms. Born in Glasgow, he trained as an accountant before becoming a full-time writer in 1936. He made his home in East Lothian, where he was a familiar figure striding along Aberlady Bay, stopping to jot down ideas for his latest book. Perhaps his best known work is the Robert the Bruce trilogy: 'The Steps to the Empty Throne' (1969), 'The Path of the Hero King' (1970) and 'The Price of the King's Peace' (1971). He had a lifelong interest in Scottish castle architecture and genealogy and among his non-fiction works are studies of Scottish fortified houses and castles. In 'Nigel Tranter's Scotland' he gave an account of his vigorous involvement in Scottish public life through numerous organisations including the Saltire Society, the Society of Authors in Scotland and Scottish PEN.

Nigel Tranter

Nigel Tranter at home, Gullane, 1999.

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