(born 1932)

Joan Lingard

'What did she know of life with her church committees and her Madeira cakes and her husband who was more Calvinistic than Calvin himself?'
('The Prevailing Wind')

Joan Lingard is a versatile and prolific author whose novels for children and adults turn upon challenging themes, often the struggle for individual freedom in the face of social conflict and fragmentation. Belfast, where she lived from the age of two to 18, is the setting for 'The File on Fraulein Berg' (1980), 'Dark Shadows' (1998) and the 'Kevin and Sadie quintet', in which the young protagonists form relationships across the religious divide. The 'Maggie quartet' is set in Glasgow and the Highlands of Scotland, while 'The Gooseberry' (1978), 'Rags and Riches' (1988) and 'Glad Rags' (1990) are set in Edinburgh, where Joan Lingard was born and now lives. Her husband's experiences in the contrasting cultures of Latvia and Canada has inspired several novels, including 'After Colette' (1993). 'Natasha's Will' (2000) moves between the Russian Revolution and the comparatively mild political transition that is taking place in contemporary Scotland. Joan Lingard has won a number of major awards for children's writing, and was awarded an MBE in 1998.

Joan Lingard

Joan Lingard, Edinburgh, 1972.

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