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For foo can an auld wife ken what a lassie’s
Close at her side ?
Mither, lie still, for ye’re needin’ a rest fu’ sairly,
Weary an’ worn,
Mither, I’ll rise, an’ ye ken I’ll be warkin’ fairly—
An’ I dinna ken who, can be whustlin’, whustlin’,
Lang or it’s morn !
Gin ye hear a sound like the sneck o’ the back¬
door turnin’,
Fash na for it;
It’s just the crack i’ the lum o’ the green wood
111 to be lit;
Gin ye hear a step, it’s the auld mear loose i’ the
Stampin’ the strae,
Or mysel’ that’s settin’ the parritch-spunes on
the table,
Sae turn ye aboot an’ sleep, mither, sleep while
ye’re able,
Rest while ye may.

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