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These essays and an interview explore different aspects of Henrietta Liston’s journals, reflect on the time period in which they were written, and set them in context.

Essay 1

An essay by Professor Frank Cogliano

Henrietta Liston and George Washington: A Special Relationship

Frank Cogliano is Professor of American History at the University of Edinburgh. His essay considers British-American relations during the 1790s and the important friendship between Henrietta Liston and George Washington.

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Essay 1

An essay by Professor Margaret Elphinstone

Henrietta Liston: One reader's response

Novelist Margaret Elphinstone is Emeritus Professor in the Department of English Studies at the University of Strathclyde. Her essay reflects on Henrietta Liston's life and on her journals and letters in the Liston Papers archive.

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Essay 1

An essay by David J Black

An infusion of Scotch: The Scottish neoclassical mantle and its Federal American cousin

David J Black is an author, journalist, and playwright based in Edinburgh and the USA. His essay examines Scottish-American connections in trade, education, medicine and architecture in colonial and post-colonial America.

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Essay 3

An interview with Geneviève Fabre

Voilà une longue vie!

Geneviève Fabre's experience of the French diplomatic service spans four decades and as many continents. This interview reflects on the role of the diplomatic couple and on changes to diplomacy since the 18th century.

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Essay 2

An essay by Dr Louis Kirk McAuley

A gardener's 'Paradise': Henrietta Marchant Liston's Caribbean travel diary

Louis Kirk McAuley is an Associate Professor in the Department of English at Washington State University. His essay examines Henrietta Liston's portrayal of life in the West Indies and her interest in the area's natural history.

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Essay 3

An essay by Dr Christopher Minty

Henrietta Marchant Liston and the decline of Franco-American relations, ca 1796-1798

Christopher Minty is an Assistant Editor at 'The Adams Papers' at the Massachusetts Historical Society in Boston. His essay looks at the Franco-America relations that defined the Listons' experience of the United States.

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Robert Liston portrait by Gilbert Stuart

Robert Liston

Henrietta Liston portrait by Gilbert Stuart

Henrietta Liston

This influential couple moved in circles that included George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

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