Source 9:  Newspaper cutting, 'Shetland News', 20 July 1912

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An opinion column by 'Diana' in the 'Shetland News', first published on 20 July 1912.

The image has been provided courtesy of Shetland Museum and Archives.


Women's Suffrage

I have followed the discussion that has been going on in the 'News' on this subject with great interest. 'Argus' has been pointing out that the methods adopted by the local suffragists are not calculated to arouse enthusiasm or make converts and his main contention is that if the 'cause' is to make progress greater energy must be displayed by the suffragists. They must do more propaganda work he says, hold public meetings and so on. 'Girzie' on the other hand practically repudiates the idea of furthering the movement in this way. She says that few women are capable of addressing public meetings and thinks the best method to follow is to educate women on the questions by means of literature.