Source 27:  Extract from reader's letter, 'Shetland News', 29 June 1912

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This letter first appeared in the 'Shetland News' on 29 June 1912.

The image has been provided courtesy of Shetland Museum and Archives.


[Translation from Shetlandic]

As I said one time before, let them stick to their own place and their own work: let them mind the cradle and the house and the teapot and their wares, for that's all they are fitted for; and never mind interfering into things that they know nothing about, and it's not in them to learn. When we tell them that they're not our equals then they get angry and say that they've always been kept down by us. Yes, I can agree with them that they've been kept down: but it's because they haven't, and never have had, the ability either of body or mind to rise to our level. You see, they haven't our physical strength of mind because their brains are smaller and lighter: yes that's very evident without the learned men telling us anything about it. Oh yes, their brains are truly light enough.