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'Sports publications' contains the following 210 items:

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Training, and how to keep always fit [231476713]

Author: Cathcart, Charles W. (Charles Walker)

Publisher: E. & S. Livingstone (Firm)

Date published: 1921

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Souvenir of Canadian curlers visit to Scotland, 1909 [231477780]

Printer: Turnbull, R. (Printer in Glasgow)

Probable date printed: 1909

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Eleven great years [231477781]

Author: Allan, John

Publisher: Rangers (Soccer team)

Printer: Aird & Coghill (Firm)

Probable date published: 1935

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Training for the track, field, and road [231477782]

Author: Andrews, Harry

Editor: Stock, E. Elliot

Publisher: Stanley Paul & Co. Ltd.

Probable date published: 1914

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How to play association football, etc [231477783]

Author: Walker, P. (Peter) (Author of How to play association football)

Publisher: Blackie & Son

Date published: 1905

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Haunted major [231477784]

Author: Marshall, Robert, 1863-1910

Illustrator: Furniss, Harry, 1854-1925

Publisher: Richards, Grant, 1872-1948

Printer: William Brendon and Son

Date published: 1902

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Historical sketch of the Hawick Golf Club [231477785]

Author: Barrie, James (Author of Historical sketch of the Hawick Golf Club)

Publisher: Edgar, James (Publisher in Hawick)

Date published: 1898

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Athletics [231477786]

Author: Webster, F. A. M. (Frederick Annesley Michael), 1886-1949

Publisher: George Allen & Unwin

Illustrator: Close, A. W. (Illustrator)

Date published: 1925

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Athletic training [231477787]

Author: Murphy, Michael C., 1861-1913

Editor: Bushnell, Edward R. (Edward Rogers), 1876-1951

Publisher: Bickers & Son

Date published: 1914

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Last records of a Cotswold community [231477788]

Editor: Ashbee, C. R. (Charles Robert), 1863-1942

Publisher: Essex House Press

Illustrator: New, E. H. (Edmund Hort), 1871-1931

Date published: 1904