Sporting photos

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Do you recognise these sportsmen?

A collection of 35 photographic cards at the National Library of Scotland poses something of a mystery.

The images give us a fascinating glimpse of athletic, equestrian and other events in Scotland sometime in the 1890s and possibly the early 1900s.

But who are the sportsmen?

Powderhall Stadium in Edinburgh and Oatridge in Broxburn, West Lothian, are the venues for some events. Locations for other events, however, are unknown.

Can you tell us more about the people in the photos, or about the events themselves, or the photographer? We have already updated the site following information received just after we launched it.

View the images and see if you can add to the nation's knowledge about this rare little sporting archive.

Powderhall and Eric Liddell

Scotland has a proud tradition of sporting endeavour, from local achievements to Olympic triumphs on the world stage.

A decade or so after these photos were taken, 'the flying Scotsman' Eric Liddell was winning sprint events at Powderhall. In 1924, he found international fame at the Paris Olympics when he broke records and won gold for Britain in the 400 meters sprint.