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A 1 1 Id Robin Gray.
When the fhcep are in the fauld & the ky at hame,&
fhowrs frac mj ee, When my gudeman lyes found by me

Young Jamie lood me well and he fought nit for his bride,
But faving a crown he had naething be fide.
To make that crown a pound my Jamie gade to fea.
And the crown and the pound were baith for me .
He had nae been awa a week but only twa,
When my mother fhe fell fick and the cow was ftown awa,
My father brake his arm and my Jamie at the fea,
And auld Robin Gray came a courting me.
My father coudna work and my mother coudna fpin,
I toil'd day and night but their bread I coudna win,
Auld Rob maintain'd them baith and wi' tears in his ee,
Said Jenny for their fakes O marry me .
My heart it faid nay I lookd for Jamie back,
But the wind it blew high and the fhip it was a wrack,
The fhip it was a wrack why didna Jenny die,
And why do I live to fay waes me.
Auld Robin argued fair tho' my mother didna fpeak,
She look'd in my face till my heart was like to break,
So they gied him my hand tho' roy heart was in the fea,
And auld Robin Gray is gudeinan to me.
I hadna been a wife a week out only four.
When fitting fae mournfuly at the door,
I faw my Jamie's wreath for I coudna think it he.
Till he faid I'm come bark foil to marry thee.
fair did we greet and n.irklt did He (:•} ,
We took but ae kifs and »<• tore ourfclvis away,
1 wifh I were dead but I'm no likt to die,
And why do I live to fay waes me.
I g ar *g i'ke a ghaift and I cart nae to r pin,
I darena think on Jamie for that wad be a fin,
But I'll do my beft a gudewife to be,
For auld Robin Gray is kind to me.

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