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jo Ah Introduction it
The FerfeCb of the Lefs c |.
W no ♦«♦ u u n If
hi D ■ * t t 1
.0/ f fe *tpo /*/? and moft ufeful eJZfoods.
3 .*TpH E Imperfect of the More is when all go' b) ■
A two, except the Minims , which go by three,
as two Longs to a Large, two ^r^vw to a £o»£, twc
Semibreves to a ifrew, three Minims to the Seimbreve.
with a Prick of Perfection , which makes the whok
proportion of three Minims , and is called a whole !
7«w .• His Mood is thus figned g 3 , and this is ufually
called the Triple Time.
The ImjierfeCb of the More © 3.
hi *» ♦♦ Ul ii n ill
w 1 " '♦ t t J
This-^W is much ufed in ^"ry Songs and G alitor ds y
and is ufually called Galliard or 7Vi/>/e !f*we } and is of
two Motions, the one flow, the other more fWift .
The firfl is, when the Meafnre is by three Minims
to a Semibrcve with a Pr;^., which frick^is for Per-
feCtion, to make it a perfect whole Time, and is
ufually called Tripla or 77?ree fo one.
The fecond Meafure of this 7V//>/> 7W is to a fwif-
ter motion, and is meafured by three Crotchet s 1 or a:

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