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so Jn Introduction to
Semitone or half a Note lower j and the 3jharf\
raifeth the Note before which it is fet a Semitone of i
half a fomd higher , but alters not its Name j fo
that from ^ to F<t, and like wife from La to F*,
is but a Semitone or a half Note , between any two
other Notes it is a perfect Tone , or found , as from
Fa to Sol, from 5o/ to La, from I/** to ./%', are;
whole Tones , which is a perfect /o*W. And this
may be eafily diftinguifhed , if you try it on the
Frets of a Viol or Lnte, you fhall perceive plainly
that there goes two Frets to the flopping of a whole j
Note , and but one Fret to a half Note -, fo that it:
is oblerved , that Mi and Fa ferve only for the
flatting or Jlmrping all AW-finthe Scale, and they
being rightly underflood, the other Notes are eafily
apply ed to them \ for if <jfol re m have a iharp fet.
before it, it's the fame in found with tAla mire
flat; and Bfa B mi flat , is the fame with Ala mire
fharp \ and Cfa ut fharp is Dfol re flat , &c. a£
being of one and the fame found , or flopped upon
one and the fame Fret of the Viol or Violin.
Vnifons. For Example, otlaves.
Si'rixijriEllxiE E*$z^Ei :™™EJE~E::E1:
fw Difcourfe of the Cords *«<{ Difcords, /I
yW/ only name them in this Part of my Book. ,
PErfect Cords are thefe, a H$# 5 an Eighth, with
their Compounds or Ottaies.
Imperfect CW.r are thefe, a TTwt/, a 5**rJ?, with i
their Compounds ; all other difhnces reckoned from
theifo/rare difcords. A

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