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1 2 An Introduction to
. Example of the Eighths.
*■ Sol la fa fol fol fa la fol
6 ft fr

*' ■ ■'.
Jiff .i ■ i » A » > " ip V
ft ft. ... 6
5o/ la fa fol fol fa la fol
Firfi learn by Cliffs to Nanie your Notes ,
*By Rules and Spaces right ;
Then Tune #«& Time, to ground your Skill ,
For *JWnficks fweet 'Delight.
Thefe Rules and Examples being ferioufly per-
illed by the Learner, will infallibly dire€t him in
the right naming of his Notes, which is a very great
help to the Singer j for nothing makes him fooner
miitake his Tune in Singing, than the mifnaniing
his Notes : And therefore take this one Rule more
for the naming your Notes y by finding your Mi
initsfeveral places in any Cliff whatfbever , be it
Hafs y Treble or any Inward Part , there being no
Song pricked down for any Part that does not
employ fome of the Five Lines in the following
Example. The feveral Parts are demonftrated by
the little Arches , or Columns , on the right fide
of the Example.

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