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the Skill of Mufich 3
and do Exceed' this Compafs , both in Vocal and
JnftmmemalMcLdck^ which ought not to be omitted - 7
ibr the Compafs of Mnfick is not confm'd : And
though there be but thtee SeptetfaTies of Notes in
the Example of the Cjatn-ut , which amount to the
Compafs of One and Twenty Notes or Sounds ?
yet in the Treble , or highefl Part , as occafioii
Requires , you may Afcend more Notes , for it is
(the fame over again, only eight Notes higher:
Or in your Bajfns or lowelt Part , you may De-
fcend the like Notes lower than (jam-at, as the
Coiripafs of Voice or Inftrument is able to extend,
which will be the fame", only Eights to thofe above.
And thefe Notes of Addition are ufually thus
^ftiflgtiiihed :
• Thofe above E hi in the Treble are called Notes
\vyzAlt , as F fa at in Alt , Cj fol rt m in Alt , &c .
and thofe below ^am-m in the 'Batfits are called
double Notes, as Doable F fa ui, Double Elami, &c.
is being Eights or Diapafons to thofe above (jam-nt.
I have therefore in the Table of the (jatn-ut in
, this Book , exprefled them with double Letters in
:|heir right places.
i The (jam-nt is drawn upon fourteen Rules and
:heir Spaces , and comprehends all Notes or Sounds
' ifual in Mufick,, either focal or Jvfirumental , yet
! vhen any of the Parts into which it is divided, ■viz..
.Treble, Mean or Tenor, and Bafs, fhall come to
>e prick'd out by it iclf in Songs or Lejfons , either
; or Voice or Infirxment, five Lines is Only ufual for
# Kie of thofe Parts , as being fufficient to contain
. he Compafs of Notei thereto belonging : And if
[here be any Notts' that extend higher or lower,
£ 2 if

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